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A Bear hunt 15 years in the making

“I need a copy of your driver’s license and a check…” This was what I heard from the other end of the line when my Great Uncle Dave called me about going bear hunting.

That was the moment I knew that there was no backing out. I was heading to Canada on my first ever bear hunt.

Bear hunting time!

Six months later, the pickup was packed up, as my two uncles and myself set off on our 1,200-mile trip to our hunting destination: La Ronge, Saskatchewan.

Little did I know how much this hunt would mean to my Great Uncle Dave and me until we sat down in camp talking about old hunting stories.

The Background

Rewind to 2003… I was just 13 years old when I drew my first big game tag in Colorado. It was a Pronghorn tag in the unit of our family ranch.

My hunting guide that time was my Great Uncle Dave. We drove all over that that day and, to make a long story short, I harvested my first big game animal with my great uncle by my side.

Another unforgettable outdoor moment

Fast forward now 15 years to June 16, 2018. My uncle and I are at bear camp. The two of us went to different stands on this day.

Our outfitter was joking around and told Uncle Dave he would be done by 6 o’clock with a bear. He gave me a fist bump and said, “Tonight is your night.”

Well our outfitter was right. Uncle Dave was done hunting at 5:45 pm and I harvested my first bear at 6:30 pm.

This was certainly one unforgettable trip and story for me. Fifteen years ago my Great Uncle Dave took me on my first big game hunt and then we both filled our bear tags on the same night just 45 minutes apart.

Some things Hollywood can’t even script.

-By Cole Honstead

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