big drum fish moment pic

A big drum fish moment

We went drum fishing for Memorial Day weekend out of Cape May, New Jersey. It was calm & beautiful out that day… until it wasn’t. But, catching this drum fish was a moment I’ll never forget!

About two hours into the trip, the rain, thunder and lightning hit. The boat was rocking and we were soaked!

The drum fish moment

But, as soon as the rain hit, so did the drum! We put a hook N1 and then, soon after that, I had a tap on the rod and I was on another big drum! It took me about 15-20 minutes to reel him in. He surfaced, and then took off again!

Even thought we were battling the rain and the rocking boat, we were still able to catch 3 nice drum fish! It was definitely an N1 moment!

– By Justine Mattia

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