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Shed Hunting in Georgia

N1 Outdoors® co-founder Josh Wells talks about shed hunting. His search finds him in close with some unexpected visitors. He sure wished he had brought his bow!

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(Shed Hunting In Georgia video transcript)

Shed Hunting in Georgia

Alright guys and gals… Josh Wells with N1 Outdoors here doing a little shed hunting. It’s March the 4th in central Georgia. Hoping to find a couple sheds that will make you midwestern folks jealous. We’ll see how that goes. I’m not real confident.

I’ve got a new piece of property to hunt next year. I’m not extremely familiar with it. I know that there’s has been a couple good deer killed on it the past couple years. This 10-point was killed this past year. You can see, he’s a pretty nice deer. I would guess in the 14o” range. Looks like, I would say, probably a 4-year old deer based on the mass. Here in Georgia, a deer with mass like that normally doesn’t get that in the first three years of its life. Normally, if you see mass like that, you’ve got a 4-year old or older. So, I’m just going to say he was four. Stick around. I’ll let you know if we walk up on any sheds.

Deer trails, scrapes and rubs

Alright folks, you can see this heavy trail here. That’s the good thing about shed hunting this time of year. Trails are very defined, and beat down. Most of your brush is laying low, so you can see a lot better than you can when it’s green earlier in the season. I just walked up on a big cedar tree here. See this big licking branch right here.

I don’t know if you can tell, but that branch is broken right there. Underneath is this nice size scrape that’s been worked in the past few days since the rain. It rained about three days ago. You can even see where the deer urinated right there… and some small tracks. But, at least we know it’s a good trail that gets some action. It’s some good sign going into next year on this new property.

Hey folks… walking along here on this same trail that I saw that scrape and that big cedar tree on a while ago. I’ve gone about 100-125 yards since that spot. I just came up on a nice rub. Looks like it’s definitely rubbed earlier this year. It’s got fresh sap dripping down. It was, I would say, rubbed even last year also. You can see my hand beside it. My hand is probably about 5-inches wide. That tree is a good 3-inches wide. Good sign.

The first shed

Ok folks, I’ve moved a little bit on this property. I’m off the creek now. And in the northern part of the property, which is a tall stand of pines… about a 200-acre piece of property here. There’s a ditch. See the ditch on the left. There’s a trail that follows this ditch along this transition. I’m just following this trail and I get here to a couple cross trails. If you look right up here you can see this old shed. You can see it right there. Let’s go check it out and see what we’ve got.

So, it looks like a small 4-point side that’s a couple years old. As you can see, it just broke in half because the squirrels have chewed it in half. It’s the first horn of the day. I’ll take it.

The second shed

Alright folks, I haven’t gone far since I just picked up that first shed of the day. About maybe 50 yards and I have come down to where this ditch dumps into this old beaver swamp and if you look right there, you’ll see some tines sticking up. Let’s see what we’ve got. Looks like a pretty good one. Reach it. Oh yeah. Yeah. Pretty good. It’s old. It looks like it’s been in this water for a couple years, but its a very nice 5-point side, with a kicker. That’s encouraging. Good mass.

A dead deer skeleton

I have walked around. Just circled this big pond, working my way around. There’s a trail that kind of follows all the way around the edge of it. And I walked up on a deer that has died, I’d say a year ago. It’s a doe. You can see the skull right over there. By the looks of the teeth, this was a young deer, fairly young. See how sharp those points are. I’d say that this deer was, was probably, a 3-year old deer. Here’s the skull. It was a doe. I don’t see anything wrong with the skull that would make me say there was some brain abscess. So, I’d say she probably got attacked by coyotes or shot and came over here and died and nobody found her. We’ll keep looking.

Wild hogs

I wish I’d brought my bow and arrow with me. See them right there, look. They’re about 40 or 50 yards. Let’s get closer.

Alright I’ve gotten a littler closer to these hogs. You can see that one right there. That hog is 22 yards. I sure wish I had my bow and arrow. I’m sorry about the shaking. I’m holding my cell phone in my hand. Let’s see if I can get a little closer. A little pig. There’s hogs everywhere in here. Let me stand up and see if I can something else. You can see those pigs over there. There’s about three or four pigs. A white one, a couple black ones. There’s a big old boar right there. About to come through that hole right there. About a 200 pound hog.

The end of the shed hunt

Alright, so here’s the two finds today. The one good shed. A big 6-point side if you count the kicker up here off the G2. Good mass. That shed’s probably 3 years old. I don’t even know if that deer is still living. And then this one that broke while I was picking it up would have been a small 8-point. And that’s also two or three years old, so that deer could potentially be a good one now.

Maybe next weekend if we have good weather, we can do it again.