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      Dylan Heide

      What is your biggest Muley scored? Annnnd, go!

      Here’s a muley story of mine…

      I saw absolutely no mule deer that day until I stood up on top of a hill. One trick I had learned was instead of walking through a patch of trees – to throw rocks down into them. I did that and out came this buck, which ran over a big hill.

      When I ran back to the truck and drove over to the other side of that hill and stopped, I looked at the many cuts that drained off of of it. I felt like all of the excitement was lost! I decided to pick a cut to walk. There were probably 10 different cuts. So I picked one and walked along the top. I lucked out because that buck was in the cut next to me and he went on top of the hill and I didn’t hesitate to jack one N and shoot! There he lay!

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