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    What deer scents does everyone use and when?

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    It’s definitely important with deer scents to use the right one at the right time. Using an estrous scent, for example, before it’s time can make does overly cautious. I’ve had does blow me up when using scents like this too early. Over the years, I’ve come to believe being as scent free as possible is much more important than using other scents. Paying attention to wind direction in your area is huge. All the scent in the world may not help much if you don’t get the human scent under control.

    Using just a doe pee works fine during all seasons, IMO. 

    The Evercalm stick style stuff seems to work pretty good at keeping deer at ease. Anyone else had any experience with that?

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    I find that using deer scents can be beneficial throughout the entire season.

    For me, Tink’s is my go to for deer scents.
    I personally like using Doe-P, Tink’s #69,
    Power Scrape, and Trophy Buck. Combine
    these scents, some are better used during the
    pre-rut and rut phase, during your hunting season and you can see really good results.

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