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      N1 Outdoors

      Do you prefer hunting whitetail from deer stands, blinds or some other method?

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      John Workman

      It all depends on the situation. I prefer a tree stand, but sometimes that isn’t possible. You have to be willing to adapt to your surroundings to get on the animal you’re after.

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      I’ve always loved climbing stands because they’re portable and great for hunting land (at least in the southeast) that you’re not necessarily familiar with. But over the years have really come to appreciate lock-ons. If you’re able to scout in the summer and place them strategically for the right wind, it’s nice to be able to slip into the woods quietly without worrying about clanging of metal, etc.

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      Jerald Kopp

      For me, it has slot to do with stand placement. I like all types of stands, but if placed in an optimal spot, permanent box blinds have advantages. They can minimize your scent, protect you from most weather conditions, and are great for sharing hunts with another hunter or 2.

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      Casey Johnson

      Honestly, I prefer to be hanging on the side of a tree 20’ up. However, I do find pleasure in ground blind hunting on occasion. It gives a whole new perspective to up close and personal. Being on eye level with a deer is pretty sweet. Sometimes the only way i can hunt, because of terrain, is a ground blind. If that’s the case, I’ll take it. Either way, I’m hunting and that’s what matters most to me.

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