Getting Ready for Hunting Season

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      What is everyone’s favorite way to get ready for the upcoming hunting seasons?

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      i absolutely love scouting for for sign, so walking the property making mental notes of what i see, noting the direction of wind, eyeballing potential sites to place a stand/blind, and that sweet sweet smell of corn : )

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      I agree with RC. Patterning the deer and figuring out what the prevailing winds are on a particular property is part of the challenge of bowhunting. Setting up trailcams, when possible is a fun way to see what could be waiting for you, come Fall. I just love the preparation altogether. Shooting the bow in the back yard and practicing for the big shot is fun also.

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      John Lusk

      I agree with the two posts above. Scouting and practicing! The more realistic the shooting practice, for me, the better. Like shooting from elevated positions, shooting in the woods, shooting quickly, shooting around brush and trees, shooting at 3D targets, etc. It gets too comfortable shooting at my Rhinehart 18:1, but deer don’t have those bright yellow dots 🙂

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