Should you kill a jake?

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    Anyone have thoughts on whether you should kill jakes or not?

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    I think if its someones first bird, same as killing a small deer, let them harvest a jake. Its a great opportunity to get that new hunter out in the turkey woods and then it allows them an opportunity to develop has a hunter and a desire to get better to harvest that 20+ pound bird, with a paint brush beard, and dagger spurs! This is how the sport, and conservation grows!

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    Would have to agree with you Pat!

    First time hunters should be able to enjoy the moment without worry of “trophy” type regulations. Let them have a good time and just enjoy the experience!

    Now for the average hunter or 9-5 hunter, I really think the same. If their individual state turkey population is good and allows for a Jake to be taken then go for it!

    Not everyone is privileged to go after mature Toms especially on some Public Lands. It can definitely happen but again if the population allows it and they can harvest a Jake legally, have at it.

    It’s all about the experience and enjoying the outdoors!

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