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      Recently I’ve started enjoying surf fishing near the Jamaica beach area. There are plenty of public beach access areas AND you don’t have to pay like at Seawolf park! As the weather started cooling down, we started catching more and more whiting which tasted great fried. I also caught my second redfish ever at San Luis Pass off of shrimp flavored Fishbites surprisingly…

      I’ve found the most success when the winds were <15mph, but when it starts to get around 15mph+ I have difficulty keeping baits out. I also noticed that there was a bunch of seagrass at SLP (freeport side) when there was a strong south wind. I’m trying to document my fishing trips so I can put together good forecasts for whether or not the conditions will allow me to keep a line out. I was wondering if anyone could give me their experience with why seagrass shows up more often on some days than others… Is it when the wind or the current is pushing stuff towards the shoreline?

      What ounce sinkers do you guys typically through to keep tension in your rods and prevent your baits from drifting in higher currents/winds?

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