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      This is more of a general archery question.

      Has anyone ever heard of Target Panic on colored targets?
      I shoot with my best friend and when we try to shoot paper such as a Vegas 300 round he can’t seem to hit the “broadside of a barn”
      but if we take the target down and he just shoots a painted on black dot or a 3D target he can group the size of a quarter.

      Does anyone have any suggestions on what might cause this or a way to correct it?

      Thanks everyone and put a hole N1 this season

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      N1 Outdoors

      Haven’t ever seen this type of thing only on colored targets… wonder if it’s because the painted black dot provides a smaller overall target? (the “aim small/miss small” concept)? Will be interested to know if you figure this out!

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      John Lusk

      Archery target panic is such a mental battle! There are all kinds of weird ways it can affect your bow shooting. Some people can’t lower their bow once the pin is on the target, some can’t raise their bow, some can’t pull the trigger. But I don’t think I’ve heard of the colored target issue before.

      However, once that gets in your head, it’s going to stay there until you train your brain to think otherwise. Your friend could get creative and slowly “blend” the two types of targets. Like cut out the center of a Vegas target and tape it to the center of a non-colored target, and slowly get used to it. It’s all a matter of re-training your mind, and that usually happens in small steps.

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