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      N1 Outdoors

      What are some tips you would recommend when trying to figure out how to hunt whitetail in suburban or urban areas.

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      Jerald Kopp

      One of the biggest tips for urban hunting is to don’t assume that it will be easier. Use your rural hunting mindset – don’t ignore scent control, etc.


      – don’t be overly intrusive (scout from the truck)
      -pay attention to and learn travel patterns.
      -make your sits count with good stand Placement (you will often have little space to change it).
      -if you shoot a deer, find and remove it quickly! Remember that many neighbors are probably sensitive to killing animals (if not anti-hunters).
      -consider making mock scrapes and even hunting over them (especially during pre-rut and rut). City bucks love the ladies too…

      These are just a few.

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      Seth Porter

      When hunting city bucks, it can be super difficult because it’s not like it’s all public land. You have to gain permission to certain spots and piece the puzzle together to really find out where the buck is living at!

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      Tim Neuman

      I gained permission in a city limit woods by talking to the landowner about balancing the herd. Too many deer degrade the habitat and she wanted healthy woods. It’s all about relationships in the city limits. If you are respectful you can gain access where others can’t.

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