What brand of youth bow?

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      N1 Outdoors

      What suggestions would our audience have for a brand of bow for a beginner’s youth bow?

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      The best youth bow to me is hands down Mission bows. They host a huge line up of lightweight, versatile bows for any size kiddo. I’ve worked with an archery group called Ray Howell’s Kicking Bear Ministry, and they use Mission bows for their camps. These bows get put to the test summer after summer and these bows continually work day in and day out. Mission also gives away many of their bows to kids, through Kicking Bear Ministry, every summer.

      Mission Bows: https://missionarchery.com/bows/

      Ray Howell’s Kicking Bear Ministry: https://www.kickingbear.org

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      Bennett Graves

      When people ask me about the best youth bow, I always tell them to check out Parker. I shot Parker for years, receiving a Trailblazer XP at 13 years old as my first bow and later taking my first deer with archery tackle using a different Parker Bow! They are inexpensive, come with a lifetime warranty, Parker’s customer service is second to none, and with the Parker Bows “Grow With Me” program, you can upgrade bows as the kid grows. I sold my Parker years ago and switched to Mathews, but at Parkers price point they truly cannot be beat!

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      I sell a lot of youth bows at my store and if you’re looking for the best bang for your buck (around $400) and quality then check out the bear cruzer lite. This bow comes fully loaded with a whisker biscuit, sight and quiver. All you need is arrows and a release! It’s perfect for any beginner as the:
      WEIGHT of the bow is only 3.2 LBS.
      AXLE-TO-AXLE27 1/8″
      LET OFF 70%
      PEAK DRAW WEIGHT is 5-45 LBS
      DRAW LENGTH RANGE 12″-27″inches

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      I’ve always found that bear archery and diamond make great youth bows! Got lots of cool color options for the kids to pick from, and like listed above hey come in some packages for around $300-$450 range. Love seeing people get their kids into the outdoors! Awesome!

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