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E-Bikes vs. Regular Bikes: What’s The Difference And Which Is Better?

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Are you planning to buy a bike? When purchasing a new bike, you’ll have two main categories to choose from: an electric bike or a regular bike.

An electric bike, also known as an e-bike, works similarly to a motorcycle, but it doesn’t run on gas. Instead, as the name suggests, its primary power source is electricity, which makes it more sustainable and eco-friendly.

rambo electric hunting bike

So, what’s the difference between an electric bike like this and a regular bike? Well, keep reading!

On the other hand, a regular bike is the traditional pedal-assisted bike that has been rolling on for a couple of centuries. It has two built-in pedals that require continuous forward rotation to move. It’s popular for use in fitness goals, sporting events, and recreational riding.

Price is not the only factor to consider when choosing between a regular bike and an e-bike. This article will guide you to help you decide which bike is better for you and your riding purposes. 

When choosing between an electric or regular pedal-assisted bike, price is probably one of the first things you’ll consider.

Electric bikes are more expensive than regular bikes, but that doesn’t mean you have to be rich to pay for them. You can check out out your local bike stores for an affordable electric bike fit for your budget.

What Are The Differences Between Electric Bikes And Regular Bikes?

Aside from the price, there are many things you should consider before deciding which one is better. We’ll cover these below…

Bike Parts

The most common difference you’ll probably notice between an electric and regular bike is their parts and mechanisms.

Unlike regular bikes, electric bikes have more complex parts and features, including a motor, battery, controls, sensors, and display.

  • Motor: This part provides additional power to boost your pedaling.
  • Battery: This is the main power source of an electric bike. If it drains, its features won’t work. Luckily, it’s easy to charge. All you need to do is remove the battery from its casing and charge it using the socket.
  • Controls: These may include small buttons usually found on the handlebars that enable you to adjust your bike’s power levels and functions.
  • Sensors: These provide instructions to the motor if you need assistance when pedaling.
  • Display: This shows important details regarding your electric bike, including the battery levels, distance traveled, speed, etc.  
buzz centris electronic controller

An example of an e-bike display.

buzz centris thumb throttle

An example of an e-bike thumb throttle.

buzz centris rear hub motor

An example of an e-bike hub motor.

Some parts and features may be different, depending on the brand and type of electric bike you choose. For example, on some advanced electric bikes, the controls can be integrated into the display bar.

Bike Maintenance And Repairs

Some of the maintenance and repairs that may apply to e-bikes is the same for traditional bikes. Components such as handlebars, body, chains, wheels, bike seat, and brakes tend to be similar, if not the same on both electric bicycles and traditional bikes. Also, the cost of maintaining and repairing these parts may be the same.

bicycle chain

Certain components of both e-bikes and regular bikes are similar or the same, such as the chain.

However, when it comes to maintenance and repairs, an electric bike may yield more issues than a regular bike. It has multiple mechanisms and complex components needed to maintain and repair (if necessary), unlike most traditional bikes. 

bike handlebars

While items such as handlebars are similar and fairly easy to maintain and repair on both e-bikes and regular bikes, screen displays and other electronic components can be costly to replace/repair and may require the expertise of a professional.

If there’s something wrong with the electric motor system of your e-bike, you’ll need a professional e-bike specialist to fix the damage, which can be expensive. But, as long as you take good care of an electric bike, you’ll be able to prevent most of these types of headaches.

Riding Experience

Now, you may be wondering, how is riding an electric bike different from a regular bike, and how does it feel?

Well, using an electric bike is almost the same as your ordinary bike. However, many believe that it’s more fun to ride one than any other bike and that fun starts when you get that pedal moving!

man riding e-bike

Pedaling is the same on an e-bike as on a traditional bike… just much easier!

When you start pedaling an e-bike, the sensors and motor system will begin functioning. At first, you wouldn’t notice any change until everything seems to become a bit relaxed.

Also, electric bikes don’t change how biking works. Instead, it makes the process of pedaling much easier to perform. 

An electric bike allows you to move along without exerting much effort and force on the pedals. This limits the amount of exertion needed to get to your destination. You’ll be able to reach the tops of the hills without feeling excessively tired, exhausted, or out of breath.

man on electric bike on mountain top

The pedal assistance provided by electric bikes reduces the amount of exertion it can take to reach your destination.

Electric bikes also have adjustable pedal assistance. If you change the support to low, pedaling may require more effort. It’ll be more tiring and exhausting than usual. But if you set the settings to maximum, the pedaling will be much quicker and easier, and you’ll never be tired.


Because of the e-bikes’ powerful pedal assistance, does it mean that they can go much faster you’re your traditional bikes? The answer depends on the type of electric bike you’ll use. 

The average maximum speed of most electric bikes is 25 km per hour (15.5 mi per hour).

man riding e-bike in sand

The top speed of an e-bike is dependent on motor power, rider weight and riding surface.

Some electric bikes, depending on the makeup and steepness of the riding surface, can reach speeds of 20+ MPH.

Going faster than this on most e-bikes will make the internal motor system stop functioning, and you’ll have no choice but to rely on pedaling alone to make it run. But, it doesn’t mean it’s broken.

The electric motor system of an e-bike is programmed to stop once it senses that you’re going too fast.

Nevertheless, an electric bike may provide more speed in normal circumstances, such as riding a bike to work or for leisure and quality time. Also, it helps you get back to your speed once you stop, making your travel time shorter.

Which Is Better? E-Bike or Regular Bike?

The better option between electric and regular bikes is the one that suits your needs most.

If you plan on using a bike for your daily work commute, an electric bike may be the better option. With its pedal assistance, you’ll be able to maintain a constant speed even after making numerous brakes and stops. 

man on mountain with bike

If you’re looking for higher intensity riding and typically a lower price tag, a regular bike will be the way to go.

But, if your goal is to pump your adrenaline and get a good work out, a regular bike may be best for you. It doesn’t have any support and will only rely on pure pedal power to work, which means you’ll be working harder. 

Also, if you’re tight on budget, it’d be best to go for a regular bike instead. It doesn’t have an electrical system, which may help you save tons of money in the long run. And you can likely make basic repairs yourself without the need for a professional bike specialist.

Final Thoughts On E-Bikes vs. Regular Bikes

When choosing a bike, you’re often left with two options; electric and regular bikes.

As mentioned above, the right choice highly depends on your needs. If you don’t have to enter or participate in any fitness event, an electric bike may be a good option.

If fitness is your primary objective, a regular bike might be the best choice.

Regardless of which one you choose, get out there and bike and enjoy creation!

buzz centris folding e-bike

What’s All The Buzz about? [BUZZ Centris Folding E-Bike Review]

Looking for a fat tire e-bike to do some off-road riding?

And how about one that folds up as well? [Bonus!]

Well, in that case, let’s take a look at the Buzz Centris FAT Tire E-Bike!

The Buzz Centris fat-tire folding e-bike

This Buzz Centris model launched in January 2022 and is the newest edition of Buzz’s FAT e-bikes. But, before we dive into all the features of the Buzz Centris, let’s tell you a little bit about Buzz…

About Buzz Bicycles

The Buzz Bikes team believes that the freedom of riding should be fun and accessible for riders of all skill levels, regardless of what outdoor adventure you may be on, so that you can “buzz” through life!

buzz bikes ohio

Buzz e-bikes are designed in Dayton, Ohio by passionate team of bike enthusiasts who have a goal of delivering ultimate transportation solutions at a great value.

The unboxing of the Buzz Centris Folding E-Bike

Right out of the box, one of the positive features of the Buzz Centris is how easy it is to put together.

Buzz Centris folded up 1

So, here is a look at the Buzz Centris in its folded position. And, this is really pretty much what it looked like right out of the box, less the foam padding and packaging that we removed.

Once we took it out of the box and took the safety packaging/padding off, it literally took less than 60 seconds to put the whole bike together and have ride ready.

buzz centris folded up 2

The Centris folds up nicely, making it much more compact. so, if you’re going to put it in the back of a truck, inside a vehicle or an RV, it definitely makes storage a lot easier.

Now, the Centris does weigh 67 pounds, so it’s not exactly light. But, because it folds up so well, you can store in some tighter spaces and take it with you if you’re going to be on the road.

man assembling buzz ebike wearing N1 Outdoors shirt

The Centris was super simple to assemble. We didn’t even have to really look at the manual very long to figure any of that out.

Key Features Of The Centris

So, let’s take a look at the key features of the Buzz Centris…

Tires, suspension, motor and brakes

The tires of the Centris are fat (4 inches fat, to be exact!).

buzz centris 4-inch tires

The Centris has 4″ wide tires, which are great for trail riding and on various types of surfaces.

The Centris also has front fork suspension which aims to be helpful when riding in off-road situations and more rugged terrain than your typical road ride. It’s even a great option for if you’re hunting on public lands where gas-powered vehicles are not allowed.

buzz centris front fork suspension

The front fork suspension gives extra shock absorbency to off-road terrains.

It has a 16” step-over height. It sports a 500-watt peak level rear hub motor.

buzz centris rear hub motor

Here’s a look at the rear hub motor of the the Centris.

It has 5 levels of power assist and a 6-speed Shimano Tourney Derailleur that provides precision shifting.

gear shifter on buzz centris

Here’s a look at the handle bar gear shifter.


shimano tourney derailleur on buzz centris e bike

Here’s a look at the Shimano Tourney Derailleur.

disc brakes on buzz centris

The Centris has front and rear disc brakes.


The Centris has a thumb throttle for non-pedaling power. So, if you decide you need a breather during your ride, you can use the thumb throttle and it will take over and you will be riding all-electric.

buzz centris thumb throttle

Once pedaling has begun, the thumb throttle can be engaged and the bike will run strictly off electric power (no pedaling!)

Buzz claims that the Centris can reach speeds of up to 20 miles per hour when not pedaling.

Now, you should take into account that the 20 MPH number is assuming a flat riding surface and also depends on the terrain you are riding (smooth, rough, etc) as well as the weight of the rider. (We’ll provide the results of our findings in this area a little later on in this review).

front basket rack of buzz centris

Front basket rack…

It also has front and rear racks for carrying things… like maybe a big buck or a big bass! (Well, maybe not, but you could carry a duffle bag or a backpack or utility pack in the basket!)

buzz centris rear rack

… and the rear rackk.

The Centris also has an LCD screen that displays your speed, battery life, and the electronic pedal assist level.

buzz centris electronic controller

The controller shows the speed assist level as well as the current battery charge, mph and odometer readings.

It also has an adjustable seat height.

buzz centris adjustable seat

The seat of the Centris has multiple adjustments.

It’s got a removable lock-in battery with battery cover, and inside is a 48-volt rechargeable battery, that according to Buzz, will give you up to 40 miles per charge and recharge within 2-6 hours.

Again, you want to keep in mind that these are estimates and they are going to be based on things like rider weight and also the type of terrain that you’re riding on.

buzz centris rear rack

The Centris’ battery is 48-volts and locks in place.

Another neat feature is that is also has a headlight.

buzz centris headlight

The headlight is easily assembled and is controlled by the LCD screen display buttons.

Warranty of the Buzz Centris

The Buzz Centris sports a 2-year limited warranty on the electronics and it has a 10-year warranty on the aluminum frame. And, the Centris is UL-tested.

buzz centris bell

And one very, very important feature… a powerful little bell (OK, so we’re not huge fans of the bell, but it is mandatory in some states.)

You can get the Buzz Centris fat-rie E-Bike, with all its features, for $1199, which includes free shipping to your doorstep!

Test Ride

We got the Centris charged up and ready to go. Then, it was time for the fun part… we took it for a spin!

What we learned

After a 3-mile test ride we can tell you… the Buzz Centris is a ton of fun!

We rode it on a flat surface to test the speed and then went straight into the woods and rode trails that had both inclines and declines.

buzz centris riding on the road

The Buzz Centris, with a 180-lb rider, reached a top-speed of 20.1 mph while using only the controller (no pedaling).

Over the course of the 3-mile ride, the battery stayed on the fully charged indicator! So, the battery life seems to do very well.

riding buzz centris in the woods

We rode the Centris off-road through wooded trails and it did well.

We also did a speed test on the road to see if it would in fact go 20 miles per hour, as the specs stated.

It actually reached a top speed of 20.1 miles per hour, using only the all-electric thumb throttle (no pedaling)! So, the top speed of 20 mph is as advertised!


The one thing that we’d like to see improved would be the suspension. During the off-road trail riding, the suspension bottomed out pretty hard a few times as I went over some rougher parts of the trail.

Final Thoughts on the Buzz Centris

All in all, the Buzz Centris is a great ride. And man, what a ton of fun!

And, it was actually pretty actually quiet. The motor does make just a little bit of noise, but nothing real significant.

So, if you’re looking for an electric folding bicycle to enjoy in the woods and on off-road trails, this is a great option for the money!

We are excited to get to do some more testing of the Buzz Centris fat tire electric bike. We hope you enjoyed the review. Ride safely!

mountain biker in the sun on mountain top

How To Get Started Mountain Biking | Essential Gear To Ride Safely and Comfortably

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Looking to go off-road and give mountain biking a shot?

Mountain biking is an exciting hobby and a great way to not only get and stay in shape, but also a fantastic way to have fun and enjoy some amazing trails.

Besides biking being an adventure, mountain biking it’s a killer workout and boosts your fitness levels, both mentally and physically.

mountain biker in a mountain range

Before you set out on your mountain biking adventures, be sure you have some key items for your journey...

Items you’ll need to get started mountain biking

Once you have a quality mountain bike, here are some items that will help you ride safely and more comfortably:  

  1. Biking shorts 

When it comes to biking, having items of clothing that adapt to your body movements so that little or no friction is created is key.

Biking shorts are no different.

shorts for mountain biking

Mountain biking shorts work best when they are slim, have pockets and breathable.

The design process for biking shorts takes into account whether the rider is male or female, as well as the type of weather you will be biking in (so that they can be ideal for cold conditions, if needed). This helps ensure a comfortable ride.  

Be sure you buy biking shorts with breathable materials. This is especially helpful during Summer riding. Shorts should have have plenty of pockets, a slim silhouette, and an inseam to prevent bunching when biking.  

The main idea with biking shorts is to give you a comfortable feel. Men have biking shorts with a special wide gusset in the crotch section. This protects the male organs from friction.  

Quality biking shorts have blended spandex material which is known for its stretch and tear resistance. This is especially useful if you crash or get entangled bushes or come in contact with trees.  

  1. Biking padded undershorts 

These are mostly made of blended nylon, spandex, and wool. The material is stretchy and incorporates the best features of the named materials. 

However, although the material is stretchy, it retains its original shape.

A rider can wear padded undershorts multiple times without washing by simply hanging them in a cool place to dry. The padded undershorts are lightweight and incorporate multi-density foam.

  1. Biking top
mountain biker overlooking mountain range

Mountain biking can be tough… you’re going to sweat! Be sure you have a top that will wick moisture away from your body.

If you mountain bike, you’re going to sweat. So, wear a shirt that can withstand perspiration during your mountain biking trails. A mountain-biking top is ideal for intense rides and easily wicks away moisture and sweat.  

Much like biking shorts, biking tops are stretchy and lightweight. You can wear them for other outdoors pursuits, as they don’t retain odors like most synthetics (where scent control is important). 

  1. Hydration pack
mountain bike in stream

You might be biking in an area with a natural cool-off like this, but you will still need fresh drinking water, so be sure you have a hydration pack with you!

Always remember how critical water is. You need it to stay hydrated. So, be sure to always carry water with you.

Choose a pack with a water bottle holder and space for stashing your snacks. This will really help you on longer biking trails. A hip pack may even be more suitable, as it keeps the weight closer to your body’s center of gravity, giving you a more balanced and comfortable biking experience, even when hitting sharp turns or making small jumps.  

  1. Mountain bike helmet
family mountain biking wearing bike helmets

For safest riding, a bike helmet is a must for all ages young and old when mountain biking.

Ensure your helmet has good ventilation and fit. This will ensure that your head will remain relatively cool on those hotter rides. Additionally, the bike helmet should have an internal bug mesh to keep insects at bay.

Ensure that the helmet has a formidable lining on the inside to reduce dangerous impact to your head and brain in case of a fall or crash.  

  1. Mountain bike gloves
mountain biking gloves

Mountain biking gloves should be flexible enough to allow for good grip and it always is helpful to be able to change music or operate your phone when needed without removing.

Get a fitting and comfortable full-finger glove. Check the knitting technology to ensure it’s comfortable and similar to that of footwear. This ensures you have a comfortable biking experience even on longer trails.  

The gloves should be comfortable and flexible enough to allow you to receive phone calls or change your music without needing to take them off.  

  1. Biking sunglasses 

Pick sunglasses with reactive lenses. These lenses change with the lighting conditions. This protects your eyes while giving you a comfortable biking experience.

Wearing reflective lenses allows you to ride any trail, whether in shady areas or sunny, without necessarily taking off or putting on your sunglasses. The design should keep away bugs and wind while offering you enhanced eye protection. 

  1. Grippy” shoes
mountain biking shoes

Shoes with soles that will grip are very helpful in maintaining pedal contact on your mountain biking adventures.

Wear shoes with sticky rubber soles. This will provide for better contact with your mountain bike’s pedals. These shoes also give you excellent stability and are relatively stiff. Be sure they have tongue and heel tabs that allow you to put the on and off with little effort.  

  1. Mountain bike pump

Whether your bike’s tires are tubeless or tubed or have puncture-proof tires, you need a mountain bike pump. If you’re far from home and get a flat, you’ll wish you had made #9 here a priority!  

A good pump will have reliable valves and a high-volume barrel that fills up your flat tire quickly, as well as a flexible hose. This is a simple piece of equipment that can be a difference maker on your ride.

Be sure to choose a pump that fits nicely on the bike without having to switch any internal bike parts.

  1. Multi-tool
mountain bike repair

Eventually, you will need to do some spot repair or maintenance on your mountain bike. Be sure you have a multi-tool handy so you can address these on the fly.

It’s inevitable. At some point, some of the parts on your mountain bike will fail. A multi-tool ensures you are prepared to make adjustments and repairs on the fly. 

Pick a pocket-size multi-tool with several different wrenches such as hexes, Torx, phillips heads, and tire levers to name a few. A multi tool with a chain breaker feature is helpful as well.  

Safe Mounting Biking Tips

Now that we’ve covered some essential items for mountain biking, let’s cover some basic tips that will ensure you will have a comfortable and safe biking adventure. Observe the following for maximum ride safety.  

man with mountain bike in the mountains

Now that we’ve covered items you need to go mountain biking, be sure to be mindful of these tips when out riding…

  • Always wear the right biking gear

There is a reason for wearing biking gear like a bike helmet, sunglasses, shorts, and carrying a hydration pack. They are necessary for biking trails to keep you safe. Items like breathable biking shorts and tops, that we covered above, will help ensure you have a more comfortable ride.  

  • Look ahead when riding

Keep your eyes on the trail and other approaching obstacles so that you can avoid crashes. Looking ahead will help you pick the right trail and adjust your speed where necessary. 

  • Maintain level pedals 

Maintain level pedals when coasting to keep them from clipping rocks, stumps, and other obstacles.

  • Get low

Always get low when negotiating bends in the trail. Keep your elbows and knees bent with your hips above your saddle to give you greater shock absorption.  

  • Always anticipate climbs

Get into the right gear when approaching a climb. Sit and spin in easy gear as you climb at a steady pace. This is more efficient and ensures you don’t lose traction. It’s better than if you stand and climb in a larger gear. 

  • Take a cautious approach

Bombing down every descent is risky. You have nothing to prove. Instead, focus on improving your bike handling skills. Safety should be your primary focus.  


Now you’re ready to get out there and explore on your own mountain biking adventure. Ride safely!

Final thoughts on how to get started mountain biking

Mountain biking offers an amazing experience to explore different terrains and trails under different weather conditions. So, arm yourself with suitable biking gear to enhance your overall experience.  

Now, get out there and get started mountain biking! Be safe!