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The N1 Outdoors Story

The N1 Outdoors® story, like many of yours, involves close friends and unforgettable moments. Our lives have been enriched and woven together through various outdoor adventures. These experiences have ultimately led us to the conclusion that moments are what make life, friendship and the outdoors so sweet.

N the beginning… marriage, family and friendship

Our foundational team of three was brought together in 2004 through our respective marriages to mutual friends. And, while we knew that life would certainly change with marriage, we never could have imagined the friendship that would develop through a shared appreciation, respect and love of the outdoors. We have experienced some of the best moments life has to offer as we have seen our families – as well as our friendship – continue to grow.

N1 Moments™

Memories begin with moments – and the outdoors has moments to spare! Some are funny, some are heartbreaking and some just leave you thirsty for more.

For example, could you ever forget witnessing the effects of sea sickness on an offshore angler? And yet, simultaneously, the unbridled determination to drag a grouper from the depths of the ocean?

Would you ever forget the painful reality of hunting in arguably the best county in the state, when you realize (long after the taillights of the truck that dropped you off have disappeared) that there is no ladder to the platform perched above that most unbelievable piece of hunting real estate?

And, how many of us have watched a majestic trophy parade into range just before hearing the unmistakable metallic ping of something falling from the stand onto the ladder below?

Thankfully, there are moments marked by success as well. For example, the story of the one that didn’t get away.  Or, the proud moment of a child with a wiggling first fish, or the bushy tail of a prized first squirrel! Its moments like these that compelled us to start a company that would encourage others to not only remember, but also relish, outdoor moments of the past and look with eager anticipation to the ones yet to come.


Where the moments happen, we’ll meet you there!™


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