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Is Noodling Legal In My State? | Easy Answer!

Ever watched any of those crazy noodling videos online where people grabbed catfish with their bare hands and wondered, “is noodling legal in my state?”

Well, now you can instantly find out!

Noodling for catfish may seem crazy, but it’s legal in some states…

Is noodling legal in my state?
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New York
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When Fishing The Traditional Way Just Won’t Cut It…

Fishing with a rod, reel and bait… it’s a lot of fun. But, what if you used your hand for the bait!

That’s right, when you “noodle” for catfish, you’re sticking your hand into a hole and seeing if a catfish will bite, so you can pull it out!

If this sounds like a rush to you, and if noodling is legal where you live, then maybe you should try it for yourself!

You can learn more about the sport of noodling, and how to do it by clicking here!

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Whatever floats your… | The Best Types Of Floating Docks for Boaters

Boating on any body of water is a gateway to a spectacular outdoor experience.

And, whether your love fishing, or just enjoy breathing the fresh air, it helps to have a dock to secure your boat, to make it easier for your friends, family and loved ones to climb aboard.

Floating docks also give you the flexibility to start your journey in different locations. So, let’s take a look at the numerous options you have for floating docks and premier outlets where you can make your purchase.

What Is a Floating Dock?

You might be wondering, what’s a floating dock anyway?

EZ Dock Idaho

A floating dock is a movable (and floating) platform on which you can safely board a boat or personal watercraft.

Many floating docks are barefoot-friendly and allow you to piece together sections, similar to a puzzle, to accommodate the number of people in your party.

Advantages of Owning a Floating Dock

There are multiple types of floating docks on the market to accommodate boats and watercraft. The main differences between products relate to their sizes and materials. However, you can expect most floating docks to provide the following advantages:

  • Adaptable: You can find floating docks that adapt to changing water levels. This is perfect for lakes and reservoirs in which water levels rise and lower due to weather.
  • Removable: Change your setup between adventures to board in new locations.
  • Configuration options: Join more than one floating dock together for a larger platform.
  • Ease of use: Adjusting the size of a floating dock allows you to easily set out on your boat, jet ski, kayak or canoe without trouble.
  • Weather-ready: Floating docks adapt to inclement weather without submerging.

Top Types Of Floating Docks

Picking the right floating dock for your setup requires looking at the materials used to make them. Any dock from a reputable brand should serve you well, but you might be more inclined to choose one over another due to its characteristics.

1. Polyethylene

EZ Docks Polyethylene floating dock

Polyethylene floating docks are popular options for enthusiasts like you. The surfaces last for long periods of time with zero chance of rusting or rotting due to the lack of metal or wood in the designs. These docks are also affordable to fabricate, leading to a surplus of shapes available.

2. Aluminum

Aluminum is a lightweight metal that stands strong against surface damage — imperfections like scratches and dents are of minimal concern. Similar to polyethylene floating docks, aluminum varieties are incapable of rusting.

aluminum floating dock

3. Inflatable

Inflatable floating docks are versatile for small watercraft. As the name implies, these floating docks fill with air to stay above the water and you can fix them to permanent docks or other structures with rope.

Most inflatable floating docks are manufactured with polyester threads and PVC. These products are less durable than their polyethylene and aluminum counterparts, but the high-pressure inflation process gives them a solid feel all around.

The Best Places to Get Floating Docks

EZ Docks Connecticut 1

Here are some of the best floating dock suppliers for lakes…

1. EZ Dock

EZ Dock has been a pioneer in the floating dock industry since 1991 with fully customizable options for residential, commercial, government and industrial customers.

EZ Dock in Florida

EZ Dock manufactures polyethylene docks that are slip-resistant and feature impressive weight capacities.

Products from this manufacturer are some of the best docks for lakes that freeze, as recycled rubber couplings are used to add strength and flexibility under changing conditions. Your floating dock stays intact while being straightforward to disassemble, should you need to.

2. AccuDock

accudock floating dock amd boat

AccuDock is well-known in the industry for manufacturing floating docks for rowing competitors. This company allows you to customize aluminum docks in virtually any size or shape, and its staff assists with permitting consultations and installations, too.

Whether you need an ADA-compliant dock or want to create a floating dock to precise specifications, this brand, based in Pompano Beach, Florida, stays current on the latest trends to create stellar products.

3. Bellingham Marine

Bellingham Marine prides itself on providing infinite solutions for waterways. One advantage of this manufacturer is that you can find concrete, wood and aluminum floating docks.

bellingham marine docks

Final Thoughts On Best Types Of Floating Docks

A floating dock is the key to unlocking the full potential of a lake, pond, or spring. Whether you need a docking solution for work or leisure activities, the types of floating docks and the top makers mentioned in the lists above will help you make a logical decision for your boating adventures.

So, explore the waters and make new memories with friends and family like never before once you settle on a polyethylene, aluminum or inflatable floating dock that exceeds your expectations!

Happy and safe boating!

Hedgehog Dryer Review

This Stickman Is HOT!🔥 | The Hedgehog Dryer Review

Let’s face it. Nobody wants to go back out into rainy, cold, and even snowy condition in gear that’s still wet and cold from your previous outing.

That’s where the Hedgehog Dryer comes in as a helpful piece of equipment and technology.

hedgehog dryer in box with N1 Outdoors logo in background

Hedgehog Dryer Features

hedgehog dryer arms

The Hedgehog Dryer really is easy to assemble. It took about 5 minutes without even really reading much of the directions.

hedgehog dryer octopus legs
hedgehog dryer pre-assembly
hedgehog dryer settings

hedgehog dryer with boots gloves hat
hedgehog dryer optional adapters list

Final Thoughts

So what do you think of our “stickman?”

man holding hedgehog dryer

Well, hopefully the Hedgehog Dryer with ionic technology is something that could be helpful for you whether you’re hunting, fishing, hiking, or camping, or anything where your gear might get wet or cold.

After all, it helps keep your gear dry and smelling great!

Have fun out there!

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