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These are Super Slick! [Slick Trick Broadheads Review]

In this review, I test a classic… It’s a broadhead that hunted with many years ago, many, many times. I’ve taken quite a few animals with it.

But, I realized I had never done an official test on it, and that is the Slick Trick Standard.

So, let’s dig on into it and I’ll show you all the features and then we’ll test it!

Slick Trick Standard 125-grain Broadhead

Let’s take an up close look at the Slick Trick Standard 125 grain head…

slick trick standard profile

slick trick standard short profile

slick trick standard blade sharpness

Man, the Slick Trick Standard 125-grain head is just a no-nonsense design. Typically, these fly very well, penetrate very well, and hold up really well in durability. But I was eager to put this to the test and see how it performed…

Slick Trick 125 Flight Test

In this test I shot 1 field point and one broadhead from 30 yards, using a Killer Instinct SWAT X1 Crossbow and 375 gr Bishop Bolt at 300 fps):  

slick trick standard flight test field point
slick trick standard flight test broadhead

Initial Sharpness Test

In this sharpness test, I check to see how many grams of force it takes to cut a copolymer wire.

slick trick standard sharpness test 1

Penetration Test 1 – (2/3″ rubber foam mat, 1/2″ MDF, FBI Gel):   

slick trick standard ballistic gel mdf test

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Edge Test 2, Edge Retention (sharpness after Penetration Test 1):

slick trick standard sharpness test 2

Penetration Test 2, (layered cardboard):

slick trick standard layered cardboard test

Durability Test 1, (3 shots 1/2″ MDF):

slick trick standard 3 shots into mdf

Durability Test 2 – (2 shots 22 gauge steel plate):

slick trick standard after steel plate test

Durability Test 3 – (1 shot into cinder block):

slick trick standard after concrete block test

Final Thoughts on Slick Trick 125 grain Broadhead

So, what do you think of the Slick Trick 125-grain broadheads?

Man, these are awesome heads!

slick trick standard lusk scorecard

I mean, no wonder I used it for so many years out in the field. It just performed extremely well in every area and it got one of the highest scores of any head I’ve tested, and close to the the highest of any fixed blade head. Really, really impressive!

Hedgehog Dryer Review

This Stickman Is HOT!🔥 | The Hedgehog Dryer Review

Let’s face it. Nobody wants to go back out into rainy, cold, and even snowy condition in gear that’s still wet and cold from your previous outing.

That’s where the Hedgehog Dryer comes in as a helpful piece of equipment and technology.

hedgehog dryer in box with N1 Outdoors logo in background

Hedgehog Dryer Features

hedgehog dryer arms

The Hedgehog Dryer really is easy to assemble. It took about 5 minutes without even really reading much of the directions.

hedgehog dryer octopus legs
hedgehog dryer pre-assembly
hedgehog dryer settings

hedgehog dryer with boots gloves hat
hedgehog dryer optional adapters list

Final Thoughts

So what do you think of our “stickman?”

man holding hedgehog dryer

Well, hopefully the Hedgehog Dryer with ionic technology is something that could be helpful for you whether you’re hunting, fishing, hiking, or camping, or anything where your gear might get wet or cold.

After all, it helps keep your gear dry and smelling great!

Have fun out there!

(Be sure to check out all the N1 Outdoors apparel and merch as well as Rod Togs fishing rod wraps, as well as our N-Tune arrow wraps and tracers.)

bird dog with animal leg

GPS Dog Collars | Unlocking the Outdoors with Smart Tech for Canines

Remember the times when taking your dog out meant maintaining a constant, eagle-eyed watch on them? Those trips could quickly switch from relaxing to stressful if they decided to chase after something.Thankfully, technology in pet care, particularly for dogs, has evolved dramatically.

As outdoor enthusiasts, finding the perfect smart collar for your canine companion now means you can enjoy the great outdoors together without the constant worry of losing sight of them or worrying about where they are, or if they might get lost.

How Smart Technology is Revolutionizing Pet Care for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Smart technology in pet products isn’t just a fad; it’s significantly changing how people interact with and care for pets, especially outdoors.

small dog with gps dog collar

The Role of GPS Tracking in Keeping Your Adventure-loving Dog Safe

At the heart of these advancements is GPS tracking technology. It’s the linchpin for ensuring that adventurous four-legged friends stay within eyesight – or at least within a preset boundary.

bird dog with gps smart collar

GPS tracking isn’t just about preventing loss; it’s also a powerful tool for mapping your pet’s favorite routes and understanding their behavior.

Modern GPS collars can record a dog’s paths during walks or hikes, which can be incredibly handy for tracking down common points of interest or understanding where they might be heading if they get lost. This tracking feature adds an extra layer of understanding between pet and owner, turning every outing into a data-driven adventure.

Exploring the Great Outdoors: Ensuring Your Pet’s Safety with Geofencing

Another cutting-edge feature closely related to GPS tracking is geofencing. This technology allows you to set up virtual boundaries – a safe zone – for your pet. If they step outside this area, you’re immediately notified.

black lab with duck in mouth

For those who love taking their dogs camping or hiking, geofencing can be a game-changer. It means your dog can roam freely around your hunting area, campsite, or rest area without you having to worry about them wandering too far. Tailoring these safe zones specifically for your adventure ensures they enjoy freedom safely.

UWS DB-4848N 48" Northern 2-Door Deep Dog Box with Divider
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Combining Dog Training and Technology for a Happier and Healthier Outdoor Lifestyle

What takes these smart collars to the next level is their ability to integrate with training tools. This blend of technology and training can profoundly impact your dog’s behavior and safety outdoors.

white dog with gps collar

Moreover, these collars often come with features that help monitor their physical activity, ensuring they get enough exercise for a healthy lifestyle. The right balance of freedom and control fosters a happier, well-adjusted pet, ready to tackle any outdoor adventure with you.

The technological advancements in dog collars serve as an invaluable aid in enforcing training commands, especially in off-leash scenarios. Vibration and sound signals can be used to guide or recall dogs without shouting, maintaining a peaceful outdoor environment.

Furthermore, by harnessing data on your dog’s response times and obedience, these smart devices can help tailor training programs to suit individual temperaments and learning speeds.

The Future of Pet Care: How Innovative Collars are Changing the Game for Dog Owners

The trajectory of smart collar technology only points to brighter horizons. With every advancement, they become more integrated, promising even greater safety, health and happiness for pets.

People are already seeing collars that can monitor a dog’s vital signs, predict potential health issues and even communicate with smart home devices. The possibilities are limitless and with the valuable feedback from the pet owner community, these products will only continue to evolve to meet everyone’s needs better.

Choosing the Right Smart Collar for Your Dog

Selecting the best gps dog collar for your dog entails understanding their needs and lifestyle. Key features to consider include the accuracy of GPS tracking, the reliability of geofencing capabilities and the battery life of the device.

hunting dog with bird in its mouth

By comparing the options with these factors in mind, you can ensure that you pick a collar that will keep your dog safe on all your outdoor adventures.

Final Thoughts On GPS Smart Collars For Dogs

In summary, the integration of smart technology into dog collars significantly enriches the outdoor experiences people share with their pets. These devices offer a seamless blend of safety, health monitoring and training support.

As the world looks forward to what the future holds for pet care technology, one thing is clear: the bond between pets and their owners is set to become stronger and more joyful with each technological leap.