Hedgehog Dryer Review

This Stickman Is HOT!🔥 | The Hedgehog Dryer Review

Let’s face it. Nobody wants to go back out into rainy, cold, and even snowy condition in gear that’s still wet and cold from your previous outing.

That’s where the Hedgehog Dryer comes in as a helpful piece of equipment and technology.

hedgehog dryer in box with N1 Outdoors logo in background

Hedgehog Dryer Features

hedgehog dryer arms

The Hedgehog Dryer really is easy to assemble. It took about 5 minutes without even really reading much of the directions.

hedgehog dryer octopus legs
hedgehog dryer pre-assembly
hedgehog dryer settings

hedgehog dryer with boots gloves hat
hedgehog dryer optional adapters list

Final Thoughts

So what do you think of our “stickman?”

man holding hedgehog dryer

Well, hopefully the Hedgehog Dryer with ionic technology is something that could be helpful for you whether you’re hunting, fishing, hiking, or camping, or anything where your gear might get wet or cold.

After all, it helps keep your gear dry and smelling great!

Have fun out there!

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Lone Wolf Crossover Climber Review Header Pic

Lone Wolf Custom Gear Crossover Climber Review [Crazy Light!]

Have you ever been lugging a heavy tree climbing stand through the woods and wondered, “is all this sweat and being out of breath really worth it?”

If you’re like me, you’re often wanting to know, “what’s the lightest climbing stand I can get?”

Thankfully, in the mid-2000s, I discovered the Lone Wolf Hand Climber and my days of struggling through the woods with a heavy (and loud) stand on my back were over.

But then, in late 2023, Lone Wolf Custom Gear announced the new Crossover Climber and I just had to find out how they possibly could have improved on what I felt was likely the best and most innovating climbing stand ever for deer hunting.

Lone Wolf Custom Gear’s Crossover Climber (The Details)

Talk about light!

The Crossover Climber from Lone Wolf Custom Gear weighs in at only 11.5 pounds, which is really amazing for a climbing stand. In addition, has a packed profile thickness of only 1-7/8 inches!

Lone wolf Crossover Climber unboxing
Crossover Climber logo built into platform

Key Features

So, let’s take a look at some of the features of this Lone Wolf Custom Gear Crossover Climber…

Crossover Climber packed profile

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Razor Sharp Teeth (WOW!)

Crossover Cimber cover for teeth

I made the above cover for the teeth because a couple of different times over the years, using the old Lone Wolf Hand Climber, I fell down in the woods while walking with the stand on my back. And, if I didn’t have those shoulder straps cinched all the way tight down on my shoulders, when I fell, that stand slid up my back and those teeth hit me in the back of the head. With the pad, if I were to fall, I wouldn’t be injured by those sharp teeth!

walking through the woods with crossover climber
Lone Wolf Custom Gear Crossover Climber packed thickness

The Seat

Crossover Climber Crescent shaped seat
Crossover Climber locking knob

Lone Wolf crossover climber locking key

Now, when I am approaching my stand location or where I’m going to climb, I’m always trying to get there as quietly as possible. So, I will mention that the key sometimes it gets stuck and when you pull the two pieces apart, it can make a little bit of noise. I don’t love that. But, I think that’s something that will probably get better as I get used to using it more.

So, if I had to just mention one little con of the key, that would probably be it. But again, it’s not something I can’t work around. And so, as I use this more, I’ll figure out a way to be better at that.

Using The Crossover Climber

Once you separate your platform using the knob and key, you will loosen the knobs on the platforms and raise the arms to their furthest point and tighten the knobs back. And to break it back down, you loosen your knobs, flatten it back down and tighten your knobs.

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Then, take one side of the cable out (you want to be sure that you don’t go past the orange warning markings on the cables). Wrap the cable around the tree and insert the other end into the other tube and lock down the lever.

Once the stand is secured by the cables to the tree, you’re ready to start climbing. Insert your feet into the openings in the foot platform.

crossover climber straps

Be sure to connect the straps to the knobs on the seat portion of the stand. You can loosen them to give you the proper slack so that you can climb. Once you reach your desired height on the tree, tighten those straps down. It will cinch the two parts of the stand down very snugly against the tree and you’ll feel very secure up there.

climbing in the crossover climber

You will slowly advance up the tree using the hand and foot portions of the stand. Remember, the object is not to get to your desired height there super fast. The object is to get there safely!

When you reach your desired height, snug down the straps. You can then fold the climbing bar under the seat if desired. You can then sit down (you can sit on the strap seat or you can sit on the seat pad. Or, you can flip the pad up and use it as pad to lean against the tree.

crossover climber sitting down

When you’re ready to climb down, loosen the straps, flip the bar back up and start your descent in the same way you climbed.

Well, we hope you’ve enjoyed our review of the Lone Wolf Custom Gear Crossover Climber. Best of luck in your hunting adventures!

Check out the full review of the Crossover Climber on the N1 Outdoors YouTube channel!
Rocky Boots review Lynx 400 in realtree camo

Rocky Boots Review [Lynx 400… In CAMO!]

When you’re I the woods hunting, the last thing you want to have to worry about is whether your boots are going to keep up and hold up.

We were excited to get a chance to review the Lynx 400 from Rocky Boots. Here’s what we learned….

Lynx 400 Features

Rocky Boots Lynx 400 profile view

Now, I’ve had multiple knee surgeries, and I’ll say it’s hard to find boots that are not only easy on my knees while wearing them, but also don’t leave me with sore knees after the hunt or hike. However, the Lynx 400 is definitely comfortable during the hike and/or hunt.

Rocky Boots Lynx 400 fiberglass shank
Rocky Boots Lynx 400 Thinsulate material
Rocky Boots Lynx 400 side and back

Rocky Boots Lynx 400 supportive cement construction
Rocky Boots Lynx 400 in water

ROCKY Lynx Waterproof 400G Insulated Boot Size 10(W)
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03/06/2024 08:11 pm GMT

Check out our video review of the Rocky Boots Lynx 400 in Realtree camo on our YouTube Channel!

Final Thoughts On The Rocky Boots Lynx 400

We hope you’ve enjoyed taking a closer look at the Lynx 400 in Realtree Excape camo from Rocky Boots. We have really enjoyed wearing this boot in the field and think it’s one that should be considered if you’re looking for good, all terrain boots!

Rocky Boots Lynx 400 walking in woods

So, whether you’re hunting, hiking or just enjoying the great outdoors… in the Lynx 400 in Realtree Escape Camo, you get ruggedness, durability and comfort, all N1 boot!