Baiting for deer

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    N1 Outdoors

    If Baiting for deer is legal in your area, what have you had the best success with in attracting deer?

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    Baiting is legal for sure here in Texas. What works best on my ranch is a 60%-40% mix of roasted soybeans and corn. It has a lot of protein, fat, and all of the necessary micro and macro nutrients that the deer herd need.

    We also run a 5/32 creep pellet through our free choice protein feeders that really help with antler development, nursing doe, and helps the bucks regain body mass after the rigors of the rut takes it’s toll.

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    Kevin Burke

    Kingfisher, where is your place in Texas? Are you low or high fence? Our place is in Brady. We feed corn, protein, and cotton seed, however we are moving away from the protein.

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