N-Tune™ Arrow Shaft Cleaning Cloths


N-Tune™ Arrow Shaft Cleaning Cloths

Clean your new arrow shaft of dirt and other oily residue that prevents proper adhesion of arrow wraps (check them out here!) and vanes. Just add water!

Cloths measure 8″ x 8″ and come in individually wrapped clear poly bags.

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N-Tune™ Arrow Shaft Cleaning Cloths

So you love dressing up your hunting arrows?

Well, when applying arrow wraps like our N-Tune Nock Tuning wraps to a new arrow shaft, they will stick perfectly, right? WRONG! 

Even new arrow shafts have residue and debri that you may not even be able to see that will prevent proper adhesion of your arrow wraps to your shaft. That’s where the N-Tune Arrow Shaft Cleaning Cloths come in!

Benefits of using N-Tune™ Cloths

N-Tune cleaning cloths, as opposed to a regular cotton cloth or rag, contains split fibers that are over 100 times smaller than human hair. This allows a larger volume of the cloth’s fiber to be in contact with your arrow shaft, which creates a higher percentage of the cloth’s cleaning fibers to be in contact with your arrow shaft. 

Another great benefit of using the N-Tune cloths is that if you don’t have glue or hard residue that needs to be removed from your shaft, you don’t need to use acetone or other smelly, harsh chemicals! While acetone can remove residue from your shaft, it can also take the shaft’s coloring with it!

To clean a new arrow with an N-Tune cloth, you only need to wet your N-Tune cloth with some warm water before thoroughly wiping down the shaft! That’s it! Then, you can apply your arrow wrap and/or vanes to a pristinely cleaned shaft!

N-Tune Arrow Shaft Cleaning Cloths measure 8″ x 8″ and come in individually wrapped bags.

(NOTE: You can use acetone and denatured alcohol with N-Tune cloths, but some bleeding of the cloth’s color may occur. N-Tune™ Cleaning Cloths will prep arrow shafts for standard arrow wraps as well as wraps designed for nock tuning).

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