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      N1 Outdoors

      What type of boat should bowfishing beginners look for and what makes it a “bowfishing” boat?

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      Treaver Woehr

      Any boat that you can get your hands on to start would be acceptable. Basically, if it floats, it can do the job. You can, essentially, turn any ordinary boat into a bowfishing boat. I know a lot of these huge sponsored guys have big air boats and other fancy boats, but all you really need is a little John Boat and a trolling motor to start out. Depending on where you want to bowfish, a boat that is maneuverable in backwaters should be good. Any cheap LED lights would be just fine in the beginning as well. In terms of what constitutes a bowfishing boat, ours is just stable and rigged up with a platform for a better vantage point when viewing the water and shooting fish. Like I said though, I would just start off as simple as possible, and additions can be made as you see fit.

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