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      I have been using slick trick mags for some years now out of my crossbow. With severe scoliosis I find the bow easy on my back. I have been happy with the slicks. Sometimes though they don’t provide that much of a blood trail, I usually hunt elevated but only at 10 or 12 ft. I realize many broadheads placed in the right area will do the job. Also just what gets cut will determine the blood trail. Very many variables. In search of possible better blood to follow I was drawn to the much promoted large cut expandables. The Sevrs looked good. Reviews by Mr. Lusk and others showed them rugged and flying great. Yet, I did find some guys who hit deer and Elk with them that said they had POOR blood. I sometimes shoot fat, tough, old 5 yr old Iowa bucks, so I want something that really hits home. After what I read I thought I might turn to my old standby slicks, just maybe the wicked trick for a bit larger cut. I realize tho again the larger fixed blades may plane some in a breeze or wind. All is a trade off. No clear answers I am fearing. I have a 175lb 10pt crossbow 335 fps. plenty of power. I just would like to see more of a trail. Thanks for any answers.

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      First off no worries about shooting a crossbow. All methods of take are fine. We are all on the same team as hunters. Okay back to the broadheads… You are on the right track as far as there is no clear cut answer. Most hunters, I tell shoot what is comfortable to you. I have personally have shot Ramcats, Grim Reapers and Muzzy over the years and had success with all of them.

      You are also have the right idea that you would could go with a larger cut to get that a heavier blood trail. There are those mechanicals that have a larger cut and will fly more like a field point than fix blades. Even though you fear the arrow will plane with the larger cut fix blade, the speed you are shooting at, the wind should not affect the flight unless you are shooting at longer distances like 50-70 yards.

      My true advice in this situation is use what you are already comfortable with (Slick Trick) but go with the larger cut diameter. Always remember to shoot them before taking them hunting so you can see how they are flying. I hope that gives you an idea and good luck in the woods or the corn fields there in IOWA!

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      Thanks ColeArcher31. I am waiting for the wicked tricks in the mail. will see how they fly. they come in 100 gr. I have been shooting 125 gr slick mags. They may fly diff. Probably will. I always practice with my broadheads. Those large bladed suckers, not to drop a name but those like the Sevrs with claims are always tempting. The videos I have watched have claims that the smaller 4 blade fixed heads do not open up a swath of flesh like the wide 2 blade expandables. Yet I read some hunting stories that said just that with the wide cut heads. The slice filled right in again. So who knows ? Have to see and experiment I guess.

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      Tim Neuman

      I shot a Rage 2 blade for many years but a friend got me to try out the Deadmeat from G5. I have shot two deer with it and it works great! The crazy part is that the Deadmeat practice head will penetrate the targets in my yard an additional 4-5 inches compared to a field tip. That’s what helped me see how much better they are at penetration.

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      John Lusk

      Do you mind me asking which Sevr you used that got the poor blood trail? Was there a pass through? Typically a 1.5″ or 1.7″ or 2.1″ cut will produce very good blood, provided it hits in the right spot. A good fixed blade head to consider with a large cut is the Iron Will Wide. It is 1 3/8″ x 3/4″. That’s a lot of tissue cut…but again, even the 1.5″ Sevr will make a wider hole.

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      I shot a Rage 2 blade for many years but my friend got me to try out the Deadmeat from G5. I have now killed two deer with it and they work great! The crazy part is that this practice head will penetrate your target an additional 4-5 inches compared to field tips, which helped me see how much better they are at penetration – not sure what you would use these things against if there wasn’t any wood or other material around?

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