N1 Outdoors® Ladies Flagship Tee

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N1 Outdoors® Ladies Heavy Cotton Flagship Tee

  • 100% preshrunk cotton
  • seamless rib at neck
  • taped shoulder-to-shoulder
  • double-needle stitching throughout
  • feminine seamless rib mid scoop neck
  • cap sleeves for comfort


This ladies cut version of our N1 Outdoors® Flagship Tee captures a little bit of what we are all about… Hunting, Fishing, The Outdoors… All N1™! Take some of every aspect of the outdoors with you in this colorfully designed, eye-catching tee that features our N1 Outdoors® flagship logo!

The story behind the Ladies outdoors Flagship Tee

Because this was our “logo shirt” and also included the TriBlock design with the hunting, fishing and outdoor components, we wanted to create a “ladies only” version of this shirt. So we chose the pink ladies cut garment. 

The hunting, fishing and outdoors TriBlock

We have several shirts that feature the TriBlock design. Since this was our flagship shirt, those blocks had to contain the “big 3″… hunting, fishing and the outdoors.


The hunting block contains an image of a whitetail antler. While we love big antlers, we also wanted ours to be believable and realistic. So, we chose to create that image from a real antler found in South Georgia.


The fishing block contains a circle hook. Why is it empty? Because we celebrate unforgettable outdoor moments and those moments look different for everyone. So, instead of dictating to you what your “big catch” or favorite fish should be, we’ll let you fill in the blank.


The final block features cedar trees to represent the outdoors. The subtle streaks in the block imply snow. We thought this was a great way to capture the overall message of the outdoors. After all, we need more ladies outdoors!

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