N1 Outdoors® N-Tune™ Arrow Wrap Pad – Just Pass’N Through™ feat. Magnus Ser-Razor


Make application of the N-Tune™ Nock Tuning Wraps and Tracers a breeze with our N-Tune™ Arrow Wrap Pads!

Pad dimensions are 17″ long x 4″ wide x 1/2″ thick.

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Just Pass’N Through™ featuring Magnus Black Hornet Ser-Razor

just pass'N through arrow wrap pad featuring Magnus Black Hornet Ser-razor broadheads

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The N-Tune™ Arrow Wrap Pads help make the arrow wrap application so much easier! The Just Pass’N Through™ arrow wrap pad, featuring the Magnus Black Hornet Ser-razor, has instructions and a guide area for both the N-Tune™ Nock Tuning wraps as well as the Tracers, so that you’ll be able to more quickly and accurately install them!

Why Use Arrow Wrap Pads?

An arrow wrap pad allows for some “give” as you push down and roll the arrow shaft onto the wrap. The “give” allows you to provide even pressure over the surface of the arrow so that you get proper adhesion and fewer air bubbles. 

Wrap your own arrows at home with N-Tune™ Arrow Wraps and Tracers and N-Tune™ Arrow Wrap Pads!

Arrow Wrap Application And Other Helpful Resources

Check out the below videos to help you get started nock tuning your arrow shafts!

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Check out more great instructional hunting and fishing videos on the N1 Outdoors YouTube page!

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