Put A Hook N1™ Fishing Decal


Decal Size: 2″ tall x 8″ wide

Material: White vinyl

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For those who love to fish, you’ll love our Put A Hook N1™ vinyl-cut, fishing decal! Whether you fish saltwater, freshwater, or both… this 8″ wide vinyl-cut decal will identify you with the N1 Outdoors® brand and let the world know you love fishing! This decal is an exterior window decal, perfect for your car, truck or other vehicle. 

The story behind the Put A Hook N1 fishing decal

The letter “N” and the phrase “N1” are parts of just about every shirt design and advertising materials that we create at N1 Outdoors®. The phrase “Put A Hook N1” is one of our trademarked phrases that we love to say whenever we catch fish or celebrate with others who do. People who love to fish have identified with that phrase since its inception. We knew we needed to create a fishing decal with just enough of a “hook” to be unique!

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