RodTogs™ Fishing Rod Wraps (Longear Sunfish)


Customize your fishing rod the way you want it with RodTogs™!

Each 7 x 10″ sheet of RodTogs™ comes with:

• 1 EA 2.25″ x 6″ handle wrap

• 1 EA 3.25″ x 6″ handle wrap 

• 6 EA rod guide wraps

RodTogs™… “Your rod, your way!”

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RodTogs™ Fishing Rod Wraps let you customize your rod the way you want it! In addition to designs like this one, choose from a variety of fish scale patterns, like the peacock bass and others!

Customize Your Fishing Rod With The Longear Sunfish Wrap!

RodTogs™ give you the ability to customize your fishing rod in a variety of ways. Wraps can be cut/trimmed to the desired size so that you can customize your fishing rod exactly the way you want it. RodTogs™ come in a variety of fish species designs as well as various colors and patterns.

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You can also check out the instructional video below on how to apply the RodTogs™ fishing rod wraps!

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