Rocky Boots review Lynx 400 in realtree camo

Rocky Boots Review [Lynx 400… In CAMO!]

When you’re I the woods hunting, the last thing you want to have to worry about is whether your boots are going to keep up and hold up.

We were excited to get a chance to review the Lynx 400 from Rocky Boots. Here’s what we learned….

Lynx 400 Features

Rocky Boots Lynx 400 profile view

Now, I’ve had multiple knee surgeries, and I’ll say it’s hard to find boots that are not only easy on my knees while wearing them, but also don’t leave me with sore knees after the hunt or hike. However, the Lynx 400 is definitely comfortable during the hike and/or hunt.

Rocky Boots Lynx 400 fiberglass shank
Rocky Boots Lynx 400 Thinsulate material
Rocky Boots Lynx 400 side and back

Rocky Boots Lynx 400 supportive cement construction
Rocky Boots Lynx 400 in water

ROCKY Lynx Waterproof 400G Insulated Boot Size 10(W)
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03/06/2024 08:11 pm GMT

Check out our video review of the Rocky Boots Lynx 400 in Realtree camo on our YouTube Channel!

Final Thoughts On The Rocky Boots Lynx 400

We hope you’ve enjoyed taking a closer look at the Lynx 400 in Realtree Excape camo from Rocky Boots. We have really enjoyed wearing this boot in the field and think it’s one that should be considered if you’re looking for good, all terrain boots!

Rocky Boots Lynx 400 walking in woods

So, whether you’re hunting, hiking or just enjoying the great outdoors… in the Lynx 400 in Realtree Escape Camo, you get ruggedness, durability and comfort, all N1 boot!

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