The Daniel Cliburn “Ntruder Buck” Original Painting


The “Ntruder Buck” painting captures a moment that all whitetail hunters hope to experience. This whitetail masterpiece puts you right in the action. We love it so much, we created a shirt with it! Only one person can own the original!



Who else would be able to create an intruder buck painting like this? Wildlife artist Daniel Cliburn, that’s who!

An Intruder Buck Painting Like No Other

Part of what makes Daniel Cliburn so special is his ability to imagine and capture moments in the outdoors with life-like precision. 

N1 Outdoors has partnered with Daniel to create the Ntruder Buck t-shirt. We unveiled this shirt design at Buckarama 2018, which has become one of our most popular hunting shirt designs. But now, Daniel is making this original painting available for purchase! There can only be one owner of this original whitetail masterpiece… “The Ntruder Buck.”

Purchase this painting, and we will also give you the t-shirt as well. To read more about the process behind this painting, check out our apparel overview page.


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