N1 Outdoors® Trifecta Fish Arrow Tee


The N1 Outdoors® Trifecta Fish™ Tri-Blend Tee gets raves from our customers as one of the most comfortable shirts they have ever worn! The Trifecta Fish™ Tee will help you show your love of some of the many great aspects of the great outdoors! 

A 4.3 oz. shirt comprised of 50% polyester, 35% combed ringspun cotton and 25% rayon jersey material for unparalled comfort!



The N1 Outdoors® Trifecta Fish™ Tee is the perfect shirt for you to show your love of the big three – hunting, fishing and the outdoors – all N1 design! Look closely and you will see each element represented in this cryptic and clever design. This design is inspired by the Native American heritage of one of our co-founders. Some people call it the fish arrow. Some people call it the skeleton fish. We call it the shirt that started it all!

The story behind the Trifecta Fish Arrow Design

When we first started N1 Outdoors®, we knew we wanted our shirts to not only be extremely comfortable, but to represent as many great aspects of hunting, fishing and the outdoors as possible. The Trifecta Fish Arrow design is really the one that started it all.

The Nspiration

We love to hunt, fish and be outdoors, but bowhunting is definitely near the top of the list for us. The Trifecta Fish Arrow design is inspired by the Cherokee Indian heritage of one of our co-founders. We wanted to be able to incorporate our love of hunting and fishing in a way that paid homage to traditional archery.

The challenge of combining hunting, fishing and the outdoors

To say we love hunting, fishing and the outdoors is easy. To combine all three into a single shirt design is entirely another matter. We knew what the design had to say, but the challenge was to say it in a design that was clever, yet not “busy.” We began to explore the idea of the vanes of the arrow being the fish tail and the arrowhead being the head of the fish skeleton. But then we “accidentally” stumbled on a great idea…

Fish N the forest

While we began trying different looks for the skeletal bones of the fish, one of us said, “hey, the bones almost look like trees!” That was it! The hunting element (arrow) was already there. The fishing element (fish skeleton) was there. And now the “trees” would fulfill the outdoors component of the design!

Final reflections

We had finished the design… we thought. But, then one of our co-founders said, “what if we make the bottom half of the fish skeleton (trees) a reflection?” By doing so, we created the illusion of water in the design. A few more tweaks to the arrow shaft and we even had the appearance of a shoreline. Looking at the finished product made us say “Oh Yeah!”

To this day, this is one of our favorite designs and has been a popular shirt for many of our customers as well!

(also available black/neon yellow and turquoise/pink)

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2 reviews for N1 Outdoors® Trifecta Fish Arrow Tee

  1. Tara Hall

    This shirt is awesome! The custom N1 design on the back is beyond clever. At first you think….fish bones. You look closer and see an arrow. You look further and see evergreens. And, then to top it off you see the reflection of the evergreens on a pond or lake. Wow…it’s really the whole outdoors all N1 design! I bought this for my husband. I mean what man doesn’t love a good t-shirt?? He loved it. He literally wore it the entire weekend. I had to make him take it off to wash it! This shirt is great quality too. It’s not to thick and not too thin. It’s perfectly comfy and breathable. I will for sure be purchasing more N1 Outdoors shirts!

  2. Mitchell

    I have really enjoyed this shirt. It feels very comfortable and has a very creative design that sticks to the values of the company! Have gotten a lot of compliments while wearing this shirt!

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