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Beast or Pussycat? | The Bowmar BEAST Broadheads Review

I am excited about the broadhead I’m testing in this review… It’s the new BEAST Broadhead by Bowmar.

BEAST is actually an acronym that stands for Bone Evading Advanced Spring Technology.

This broadhead has a lot of cool features, so let’s go through those features and specifications and then we will put it to the test!

For these tests, I used my Bowtech CP28 set at 72 pounds, 27-inch draw. I used Bishop FOC King Arrows for most of the shooting, but then I’m using the Bishop FAD Eliminators for the really hard impact shots.

The Bowmar BEAST broadhead up close

Beast broadhead profile view

Here’s a good look of the BEAST. And man, it truly is a beast of a broadhead! There is so much going on here. First of all, you see it here in the close position, 2-blade broadhead. This is a 2-inch cutting diameter. In the closed position, it closes to 0.64″, so I assumed it would be very streamlined in flight and fly extremely well.

The point of the BEAST broadhead is a needle point tip. I actually thought I had cut myself when I touched it!

beast ferrule tip

You can see here that the ferrule starts really narrow at the tip, and then gets larger. That’s going to help in arrow dynamics and flight forgiveness as well as penetration. Also, notice the multiple groves in the ferrule as well as the tip and that’s going to aid in flight forgiveness as well. As it rotates around, it traps air in there and makes it a bit more forgiving as well as helping with durability.

The blades take 1.3 pounds of force to deploy, and they deploy with 15 pounds of force at 750 miles an hour. So, they are not losing the energy with that penetration.

They are actually gaining some with that stored energy that allows those blades to cut through the hide in an even faster way than they would have if they didn’t have that spring inside them.

beast broadhead wings

The two little wings at the front that impact the hide are not sharpened. But, when they impact, a spring is released and then the blades spring open at 750 miles per hour! (On the package, it says 650 but they have since added an extra component inside that actually increases the deployment speed to 750 miles an hour). That’s actually breaking the sound barrier! Plus, if you’re shooting it at 250, 300 feet per second, it’s all the faster.

Bowmar wanted to get a spring that could stay closed like this for a long time and then still work. And so, they looked all over the world and found these springs in the auto industry by a company that makes them for Lamborghini and Ferrari.

The spring has 15 pounds of stored energy inside the broadhead, but can stay in a closed (contracted) position and still retain 95% of its energy for 3-5 years. There’s never been a spring used like this in a broadhead application; it’s not just your normal little spring!

beast broadhead blade thickness

The blades of the BEAST broadheads are 0.035″ thick. They have a nice curve to them when they are open. That curve is going to aid in penetration and cut as well.

Beast broadhead in open position

Here are the blades of the BEAST in the open position.

beast broadhead gloves

Note that each pack comes with two little finger gloves so that you can grab the blades, and that’s what you need to wear when you want to close them again. You just grab them and pinch them down. It works really well. Don’t try doing it with your bare hands, as the blades are extremely sharp.

Once the spring is deployed, it pushes the blades into the open position. It’s not barbed because these blades can fold back beyond just their barb stage. But, I will say they are difficult to get out of a target.

I shot them into a target and though they do bend back, they don’t bend back so much that they’re super easy to get out of. So, I wouldn’t be shooting them into targets too often.

beast broadhead blade tension

But here, the springs serve a secondary purpose after being opened. If bone is encountered, then the blades can compress back, and that allows them to stay straight as they continue to penetrate and not lose their edge and not lose the energy. They just can go right around that blade and then they spring back into place after a quarter of an inch. So that extra tension can allow them to go right between or around bone and then spring back to their full open position.

beast broadhead aluminum ferrule

This head is the 100 grain and so it uses an aluminum ferrule (7075 aluminum) which is a really good aluminum. I always say if you are going to use aluminum, that’s a good one to use. It’s stronger than some steels. But, perhaps in heavier models that come out in the future, they will use all steel, not sure.

Bowmar BEAST Broadhead Testing

I was eager to put this BEAST broadhead to the test! Here’s what I learned…

Flight Forgiveness (I field pt then I broadhead @30 yds)  

beast broadheads flight test

As you can see, the BEAST flew right next to the field points, as you would expect from an expandable.

Initial Sharpness

beast broadheads initial sharpness test

It only took 125 grams of force to cut through the wire which is a 10 on a 10-point scale.


Penetration Test 1 (2/3″ rubber mat, 1/2″ MDF, FBI Gel)   

beast broadhead ballistic gel test

It penetrated 7-3/4″. And here’s the entrance hole. It opened an inch and a half on this medium and it’s not uncommon for heads to not fully open on this medium so I’ll do a more formal opening test in a minute.

Edge Retention Test (sharpness after Penetration Test 1)

beast broadheads 2nd sharpness test

Wow! It took no additional force to cut through the wire, which is a 10 on a 10-point scale.

Penetration Test 2 (layered cardboard)

beast broadhead layered cardboard test

The BEAST penetrated through 52 layers of cardboard.

Opening Test (Leather stretched over box)

beast broadheads leather stretched over box

The entrance hole was 1-3/4″. But, on the back of the box, it had opened up to almost 2-1/2″.

Angled Shot Test (1/4″ MDF/Carpet)

beast broadhead in angled mdf

It had no problem with the angled MDF.

Durability Test (1/2″ MDF max 3 shots)

beast broadheads after shots into mdf

It was in great shape after 3 shots through the MDF. The only signs of wear are right close to the ferrule where you can see the blades kicked forward into the tip and made a little bit of a dent in the blade there.


Durability Test (22 gauge steel plate max 2 shots)

beast broadheads 22 gauge steel plate test holes

It held up very well through the 2 shots in a steel plate. You can see it got a little bit of edge chatter in the edges of the blades and the tip got a little bit rolled over. And then you can see the holes. They are a little smaller than the cutting diameter and that’s just because of that spring mechanism. They can’t open fully when going through a steel plate, which is understandable.

Concrete Test

beast expandable broadhead embedded in concrete

I shot the BEAST into a concrete block. The tip embedded really deeply into the concrete which was pretty cool to see. There’s no getting that thing out!

beast expandable broadhead after concrete test

So here it is after impacting the concrete. And as you can see, it broke right there in the ferrule. I managed to find one of the blades that had flown quite a way across the yard. And I as I say all the time, the concrete test is not like a pass-fail. It’s not like, “Oh, this broadhead failed because it didn’t hold up to the concrete.” That only accounts for 3% of the overall score. As for the durability of this, man, it held up very well through the MDF and the steel plate as well.

Final Thoughts On The Bowmar BEAST Broadheads Review

So what do you think of the BEAST?

Man, there’s a lot to love about this broadhead! I love the low profile and the flight, as well as the super secure retention system blades. There are no O-rings and no clips. And, I love the spring action that they have in there.

I get the feeling that they’re going to be a lot more effective on animals than my testing really allows. There’s only so much you can do with standardized tests. But, even so, it did well in my testing, and I think it’s going to do even better on animals the way the spring causes those blades to just pop forward with such force.

beast broadhead lusk grade

The BEAST broadhead scored 91.86 out of 100 on my Lusk Grade scale!

I love the blades and the sharpness. And then there’s the edge retention! That’s the sharpest and the best edge retention of anything I’ve tested. I’ve tested others that were 125, but this one was was 125 grams of force after going through penetration test 1. That’s super rare! I’ve never seen that before.

So again, just a lot to like about this broadhead. I look forward to seeing the future models that they come out with!

Josh Bowmar, you’re on to something really good here. I appreciate all your hard work and ingenuity in designing this head.

how to buy a gun safely and legally online header pic

Best Ways To Sell A Gun Online [Safely And Legally]

In today’s digital age, where online platforms lead the way in commercial transactions, the practice of selling firearms on the internet is on the rise. Yet, the delicate character of these deals demands utmost prudence and strict adherence to legal standards.

This piece is designed to steer you through the intricacies of online gun sales, with a strong emphasis on security, compliance with laws, and dependability. We will go into the most reputable sites for these exchanges, offering an in-depth manual for each to guarantee your selling experience is seamless, safe, and within legal boundaries.

Federal and State Regulations

Before you initiate the process of selling a gun online, it’s imperative to first immerse yourself in the nuanced legalities that dictate these transactions. In the United States, the rules overseeing firearm sales form a multifaceted matrix, rather than a single, overarching directive. This system represents a dynamic interaction of federal and state laws, each with its own stipulations that can considerably alter the expectations and obligations involved in what might seem like a simple sale.

The Gun Control Act (GCA) of 1968

This foundational legislation regulates interstate gun commerce, requiring that any firearm crossing state lines must be sold through a licensed dealer. This step is crucial in maintaining a legal sale, even when conducted online. 

State-Specific Regulations

Beyond federal law, each state can, and often does, set its own rules for firearm sales. These can include mandatory background checks for all sales, waiting periods before the completion of a sale, and additional licenses or permits. It’s essential to consult your state’s laws to avoid any legal infringements.

Background Check Protocols

background check

While not always compulsory under federal law for private sales, conducting a background check can add a layer of security to your transaction. Several states have taken this a step further, making background checks a requirement for all firearm sales.

Waiting Periods


Some states impose a waiting period between the purchase and possession of a firearm. This period is intended as a safety measure, potentially preventing crimes of passion by allowing for a “cooling-off” period. 

Firearm Type Restrictions

Certain states have bans or restrictions on the sale of specific types of firearms, such as assault weapons or high-capacity magazines. Ensure that the firearm you intend to sell is legal in the jurisdiction of both the seller and the buyer. 

Record-Keeping Requirements

Depending on your state, you may be required to keep records of your firearm sales, including information about the buyer and the firearm. Proper record-keeping can assist in the recovery of firearms if they are lost or stolen and is a critical part of responsible gun ownership.

Given the complexity of gun laws, it might be beneficial to seek advice from a legal expert, especially if you’re conducting high-volume sales or are unsure about specific legal requirements.


Venturing beyond the conventional avenues for online firearm transactions, platforms such as and numerous firearms forums present themselves as unique alternatives. While they foster a sense of community and offer a different flavor of experience, they also introduce a distinct array of complexities and obligations that sellers must navigate.

Where and How to Sell Your Firearm Safely

Now that you’re equipped with a thorough understanding of the federal and state regulations governing firearm sales, you’re prepared to enter the digital marketplace.

Selling a gun online, while convenient, requires navigating through various platforms, each with its unique features and requirements.

Below, we go into the most reputable websites for firearm transactions, providing you with a comprehensive guide to ensure your selling experience is not only seamless but also secure and compliant with legal standards.

cash for arms website

In the realm of online firearm sales, Cash For Arms has emerged as a market leader, redefining the standards of convenience, speed, and customer satisfaction.

Renowned for its unparalleled ease of use, Cash For Arms is currently the most formidable figure in the online gun-selling space, offering users the fastest and simplest way to transition from gun owners to satisfied sellers.

Overview and Credibility

Cash For Arms is not just a platform; it’s a commitment to stress-free, transparent, and rapid transactions. It’s the epitome of user-centric operations, where the entire process is tailored to ensure you don’t just sell but sell with confidence and peace of mind.

The platform’s credibility is reflected in its user testimonials, with many praising its competitive offers, prompt payments, and exceptional customer service.

The Fastest and Easiest Way to Sell

When you choose Cash For Arms, you’re opting for the market’s quickest route from quote to cash. The platform’s streamlined three-step process eliminates all unnecessary hurdles, helping you sell your gun without cumbersome delays or hidden fees.

You simply submit your gun’s details, review and accept your offer, and receive your payment — all with the assurance of legal compliance and secure transactions.

A Stronghold in the Market

In the competitive arena of online gun sales, Cash For Arms stands out as the strongest contender. Its reputation is not just built on promises but on a track record of delivering the best experience possible for every customer.

Whether you’re selling a single firearm or an entire collection, Cash For Arms is the go-to destination for sellers seeking reliability, legality, and the best value for their firearms. screen shot

As one of the most well-known online firearm marketplaces, holds a significant position in the industry. Its extensive user base and wide array of listings make it a go-to platform for many gun enthusiasts. However, while it offers a robust platform for buying and selling firearms, there are certain aspects that users should be cautious of…

Extensive Market operates much like an auction house, where sellers list their firearms and buyers place bids. The platform doesn’t purchase your firearms directly, which means the sale isn’t instantaneous.

Sellers must manage their listings, respond to potential buyers, and often wait for the auction to end, which can be time-consuming.

Additionally, this format doesn’t guarantee a sale, as your firearm sells only if the reserve price is met.

Fees and Additional Costs charges listing and final value fees, meaning a portion of your sale’s proceeds goes to the platform. While this is standard for many online marketplaces, it’s something to consider when calculating the net gain from your sale.

Additionally, the responsibility for legal compliance, such as background checks and following firearm shipping laws, falls entirely on the seller, potentially incurring additional costs.

User Safety Concerns

While is a reputable platform, the level of user-to-user interaction required can pose certain risks.

Unlike platforms like Cash For Arms, which standardize the selling process, users on must navigate negotiations independently. This increases the risk of encountering non-serious buyers or individuals with questionable intentions.

The platform has measures in place to mitigate these risks, but the onus remains largely on the individual seller to vet potential buyers.

In Summary is a viable option for those who prefer a hands-on approach to selling firearms and are familiar with online auction environments. However, for sellers seeking quick, hassle-free transactions with guaranteed offers, platforms like Cash For Arms offer a more streamlined, secure, and user-friendly experience.

#ad and Other Firearms Forums screen shot

Venturing beyond the conventional avenues for online firearm transactions, platforms such as and numerous firearms forums present themselves as unique alternatives. While they foster a sense of community and offer a different flavor of experience, they also introduce a distinct array of complexities and obligations that sellers must navigate…


Platforms like are rich with enthusiasts and direct buyer-to-seller interactions, and hold a certain appeal for those immersed in the firearm community.

However, the very aspects that contribute to their charm also bring about challenges that require careful attention and a proactive stance from those looking to engage in successful, legal sales.

A Marketplace Bridging Buyers and Sellers positions itself as a specialized conduit for firearm enthusiasts, facilitating direct interactions and transactions between buyers and sellers.

Unlike traditional retail platforms, doesn’t participate in the transaction process. Instead, it provides a digital space where sellers can list firearms, and potential buyers can pursue and initiate direct contact to discuss terms, negotiate, and finalize transaction details.

Streamlined Yet Hands-On

The operational ethos of is one of simplicity coupled with user autonomy. Sellers have the prerogative to create detailed listings — a transparent showcase featuring descriptions, images, and the desired price points of their firearms.

From there, the platform allows potential buyers to reach out directly to sellers, paving the way for inquiries, negotiations, and the ultimate arrangement of the transaction’s specifics.

This process, while straightforward, demands a hands-on approach from sellers, necessitating active engagement with prospective buyers and personal management of each sale’s nuances.

Navigating Risks and Responsibilities

The very structure that affords its ease and directness also ushers in a set of inherent challenges.

The platform’s hands-off approach means there is minimal oversight over transactions, placing the onus of legal compliance, due diligence in vetting buyers, and personal safety squarely on the sellers’ shoulders.

This lack of institutional control has attracted criticism, with instances of the platform being exploited by individuals seeking to skirt legal norms. As such, users are advised to proceed with heightened caution, exercising meticulous due diligence to uphold the legality and security of their transactions.


Top Pick for Online Firearm Sales: Why Cash For Arms Stands Out

In the digital marketplace for firearm sales, various platforms offer unique selling experiences, each with its pros and cons. and firearms forums cater to those seeking direct buyer interactions within a community setting, yet they require significant seller involvement and caution due to minimal transaction oversight., an extensive auction-style platform, demands active seller engagement and bears the risk of uncertain sale closure, coupled with additional fees.

Contrastingly, Cash For Arms shines as the most efficient, secure, and straightforward option. It simplifies the selling process with immediate quotes and quick payments, all while rigorously adhering to legal protocols. This hassle-free approach, combined with assured legal compliance and a focus on customer satisfaction, positions Cash For Arms as the superior choice for online firearm sales.

Balancing convenience with strict legal adherence, Cash For Arms offers an unrivaled selling experience that prioritizes seller confidence and transactional efficiency, making it our top recommendation for online firearm transactions.

car pulling teardrop trailer

CHECK! 10-Step Vehicle Checklist Before Your Next Adventure!

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Exciting as a pending camping or wilderness road trip adventure may be, embarking on a long drive requires some careful preparation. And, one of the most critical aspects is ensuring your vehicle is in tip-top condition.

After all, you wouldn’t want to encounter vehicle troubles in the middle of nowhere!

In this article we’ll walk you through the essential car maintenance tasks you should perform before embarking on that big journey. Let’s make sure your ride is smooth, safe, and hassle-free!

Vehicle Maintenance Checklist

Here is a list of things you need to check on your vehicle before your big adventure.

1. Engine Oil

checking engine oil

Engine oil lubricates the internal components of your engine, reducing friction and heat. Over time, it breaks down and becomes less effective. Regular oil changes keep your engine running smoothly. However, neglecting this simple task can lead to costly engine repairs down the road.

First things first, check your engine oil! It’s the lifeblood of your car’s engine, and driving with insufficient or dirty oil can lead to severe damage. Make sure the oil level is adequate and that it’s clean. If it’s due for a change, do it before hitting the road.

2. Fluid Levels

brake fluid

Check essential fluid levels, including coolant, transmission fluid, brake fluid, and windshield washer fluid. Top off any that may be low to ensure your vehicle runs smoothly and safely.

Coolant, or antifreeze, is critical for regulating your engine’s temperature. Ensure it’s at the proper level to prevent overheating, especially during long drives in hot weather.

Transmission fluid is responsible for smooth gear shifting, and low levels can lead to transmission problems.

Brake fluid ensures your brakes function correctly, so it’s vital to maintain the right level for safety. Lastly, don’t overlook the windshield washer fluid, as it helps keep your windshield clean for optimal visibility.

3. Tires

tire tread

Inspect your tires for proper inflation and tread depth. Underinflated tires can reduce fuel efficiency, while worn-out treads can be dangerous on wet roads.

Properly inflated tires improve fuel efficiency and enhance stability and handling. The recommended tire pressure is usually found in your vehicle’s owner’s manual or on a label inside the driver’s door. You can also find tire pressure information on the side walls of the tire itself.

Be sure to check all four tires as well as the spare. Additionally, examine the tire tread. Balding or unevenly worn tires can compromise your safety on the road. If it’s time for a replacement, invest in high-quality tires for better performance.

4. Brakes

car brakes

Brakes are crucial for your safety. Listen for any unusual noises while braking; if you hear grinding or squeaking, it’s time to replace the brake pads. Also, as mentioned above, be sure you have checked the brake fluid level and ensure that there are no leaks.

A brake inspection is also essential for your safety. Besides the noise, look for vibrations or a soft pedal, which could indicate brake issues.

Consult a mechanic if your brake fluid is discolored or lower than the recommended level. Ignoring brake problems can lead to longer stopping distances and potentially dangerous situations.

5. Battery

car battery

A dead battery can leave you stranded. Have your battery tested to ensure it’s in good condition. Clean the terminals and consider replacing them before your journey if they look old.

Modern vehicles rely heavily on electronics, and a weak or dying battery can lead to various electrical issues. While cleaning the terminals, also inspect for any corrosion. Most auto parts stores offer free battery testing services if you’re unsure about your battery’s condition.

6. Lights

vehicle headlight

Check all exterior and interior lights, including headlights, tail lights, brake lights, turn signals, and hazard lights. Replace any burnt-out bulbs to ensure visibility and safety.

Proper lighting is essential for your safety and is also a legal requirement. Dim or non-functional lights can lead to accidents or traffic violations. Regularly inspect your lights and replace bulbs promptly. Additionally, aim your headlights properly to avoid blinding oncoming drivers.

7. Belts and Hoses

vehicle engine block and belt

Inspect the belts and hoses under the hood for signs of wear, cracks, or fraying. If you notice any issues, have them replaced to prevent a breakdown on the road.

Belts and hoses play crucial roles in your vehicle’s operation. The serpentine belt, for example, drives multiple components like the alternator and power steering pump. A broken belt can lead to a complete engine shutdown.

Hoses, on the other hand, carry vital fluids throughout your vehicle. A ruptured hose can result in coolant or oil leakage, causing engine damage. Replacing these components is far more cost-effective than dealing with a breakdown.

8. Air Filters

air filter

A clean air filter ensures your engine breathes freely, optimizing fuel combustion and overall performance. Check your owner’s manual for recommended replacement intervals.

Clean or replace the air filter as needed. A clean air filter improves engine performance and fuel efficiency.

The air filter prevents dirt and debris from entering your engine’s cylinders. Over time, it becomes clogged, reducing airflow and engine efficiency.

9. Wipers and Windshield

windshield wipers

Visibility is crucial, especially during adverse weather conditions. So, ensure your wiper blades are in good condition and your windshield is free from cracks or chips.

Wiper blades should effectively clear your windshield of rain, snow, or debris. Replace them if they streak or leave behind residue.

Check your windshield for any damage that could impair your vision. Small chips can often be repaired, but larger cracks may require windshield replacement.

10. Emergency Kit

emergency kit

A first-aid kit can be an invaluable part of your emergency kit for minor injuries. In addition a flashlight and blankets can provide comfort during roadside breakdowns.

Lastly, prepare an emergency kit with essentials like first-aid supplies, a flashlight, blankets, jumper cables, and basic tools. You never know when you might need them.

An emergency kit is your safety net on the road. While we hope you won’t encounter any issues, it’s wise to be prepared.

Jumper cables and basic tools can can also be an important part of your emergency kit and help you address minor vehicle issues and get back on the road.

Final Thoughts On Vehicle Maintenance Checklist

Taking the time to perform these essential car maintenance checks before your big journey is a smart and responsible choice. It ensures your safety and the safety of your passengers and reduces the likelihood of unexpected breakdowns that can put a damper on your trip.

vw van full of camping gear

By performing maintenance checks on your vehicle before your big adventure, you can increase your chances of a reliable transportation!

So, whether your vehicle is brand-spanking new, a used car, or one purchased at one of the auction sites like A Better Bid, remember that a well-maintained car is a reliable companion on the open road, allowing you to focus on the adventure ahead without worrying about potential car troubles.

Regular maintenance checks and promptly addressing any issues will make your journey safer and save you from costly repairs and inconveniences down the road. So, whether you’re embarking on a cross-country road trip or a weekend getaway, ensure your car is ready to take you there without a hitch… unless of course, you need a hitch to pull your camper or trailer 🙂

Safe travels!