Father’s Day 2017

Many of us credit Dad for helping us develop an appreciation for the outdoors… this year we say thanks to all those outdoor dads that invested their time with us in the outdoors.

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(FathersDay 2017 video transcript)

This week we say thanks to all the dads that introduced us to, and spent time with us in the outdoors. Stick with us for a special Father’s Day edition of the N1 Outdoors N1 Minute.

Outdoor Dads

For most of us our love of the outdoors didn’t just happen. There was likely a friend, or family member that gave up their time to be sure that we had the opportunity to experience all that the outdoors has to offer.

For myself and for many of you, that person was Dad. Having kids of my own now, I often think about the patience that must have been involved in teaching a squirrelly kid the basics of how to hunt and fish. And, I’m also thankful for the values that I learned in the process… memories and lessons that will last a lifetime.

Now, I get the privilege of sharing those lessons with my kids, and I hope to do as good of a job as my dad did with me.

So, to all you dads out there, N1 Outdoors would like to wish you a very happy Father’s Day. And Dad, thanks for taking me fishing.

Have a great week and remember, “where the moments happen, we’ll meet you there.” We’ll see you next time.

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