N1 Outdoors® Bowhunt Oh Yeah™ Bowhunting Tee


N1 Outdoors® Bowhunt Oh Yeah™ Bowhunting Tee

Enjoy comfort and style in this shirt designed by bowhunters, for bowhunters! It just makes you want to say “Oh Yeah!”

Fabric: 4.5 oz., 50% Ringspun Preshrunk Cotton and 50% Polyester


Bowhunters share a special bond. At N1 Outdoors®, we love bowhunting, and we love identifying with others who do. N1 Outdoors® has captured the love of bowhunting in 3 simple words… “Bowhunt… Oh Yeah™!” So wear our bowhunting t shirts and tell the world you bowhunt! Have a great hunting season and we hope you have an arrow that’s Just Pass’N Through!

The story behind one of our most popular bowhunting t shirts

The story of the idea for this shirt is a memorable one for us. We had just finished exhibiting at our first hunting trade show in Perry, Georgia, called Buckarama. It’s a trade show primarily focused on the whitetail deer. Outdoor industry exhibitors from all over were there, showcasing their hunting products and services. We were new to the trade show world, but decided to give it a try. With friends and family living close by, it made sense for us to exhibit.

We certainly learned a lot at Buckarama that weekend. First, we learned that sometimes you need to pivot from your “genius” booth exhibit ideas to something that is more inviting to your customers.

We also gained a new appreciation for those in the outdoor industry the participate in the outdoor trade show circuit. It’s hard work!

Three bowhunting buddies, a table and a legal pad

But one of the most memorable moments of that weekend was when the show was over and nearly all the exhibitors had packed up and left. My partners and I sat around a lone 8-foot table in the center of the exhibit hall and jotted down some notes from what we had learned that weekend. We wanted to make note of the things we had discovered that weekend while they were still fresh on our minds.

At some point in the conversation, we began talking about what types of apparel designs we wanted to add to our N1 brand. The conversation (as it often does) quickly turned to bowhunting. The three of us all love to bowhunt. After all, it’s a big part of the story of how we got started.

As we made notes on a yellow legal pad, we all agreed we wanted to add more bowhunting t shirts to our apparel line. So, we began to toss around ideas about what bowhunting shirt designs would really resonate with other bowhunters. 

There are so many things about bowhunting that are fun and exciting. But, just like N1 Moments, those things look a little bit different for everyone. It was then that we realized that we might be making this too complicated. For people who love to bowhunt, that word alone means something. So, we decided to have that single word on the front of the shirt. 

The Bowhunt Oh Yeah shirt specifics

Because bowhunting is a passion of ours, a great shirt design was really important. The question was, how do we create a design that captures the excitement of bowhunting? In the end, it was really quite simple. What do we want to do? We want to bowhunt… oh yeah! The focal point on the back was a universal symbol of bowhunting… a broadhead hole. We hope you Njoy!

The Bowhunt Oh Yeah tee is made with the bowhunter in mind. It’s not too tight and not too loose. The sleeves and shirt length are just the right fit for shooting a bow. We wanted this shirt to not only be comfortable for everyday use, but also to feel great at full draw. So, whether you are target shooting, or just want a bowhunting shirt to wear for other outdoor activities, the Bowhunt Oh Yeah tee is the one! Get N1!

Everything you want in a bowhunting t shirt

We didn’t just want this shirt to have a cool design. We wanted it to fit the activity level of bowhunting junkies. So, what did we do? We asked bowhunters just like you! Here are some of the recurring requests that we heard in our attempt to create the perfect bowhunting t shirt…

Comfort ranked high for most participants of our survey. Many said that they wanted their shirt to be so comfortable that they didn’t even notice it. After all, when you don’t have to worry about how tight your shirt is, you can put all your focus on archery practice and honing your bowhunting skills

Many mentioned that they also wanted their short-sleeve shirts to be long enough, but loose enough to not impeded their motion when pulling back on their bow. That comfort had to be there at full draw as well. 

Finally, the torso length of the shirt needed to not only be loose, but also long enough to cover the stomach area when at full draw. 

Just like our other bowhunting t shirts, we believe that the Bowhunt Oh Yeah shirt is not only an iconic archery design, but is also the perfect construction to fit the lifestyle of the avid bowhunter. If we didn’t believe it, we wouldn’t have made it. After all, we are bowhunters just like you!

So, keep practicing your shot. And, stay comfortable while you do it. We hope you have an arrow that’s Just Pass’N Through!

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