Put A Hook N1™ Hydroglyphic™ Bass Fishing Tshirt


N1 Outdoors® Put A Hook N1 Hydroglyphic Bass Fishing Tshirt

Fabric: 4.5 oz., 50% Ringspun Pre-shrunk cotton/50% polyester



N1 Outdoors® has captured the love of the water, the love of bassfishing and unparalleled comfort… all N1 tee! The Put A Hook N1™ Hydroglyphic™ Bass fishing tshirt will let the world know that you are a bassfishing machine. And with the bass made of liquid, you’ll never be far from the water! Get yours today! 

The story behind the Hydroglyphic Bass Fishing Tshirt

The largemouth bass is staple of the fishing community. In addition, because of its popularity and fighting power, the largemouth is widely sought after and synonymous with fishing in North America. However, we believed that the largemouth had been replicated time after time in many of the same ways in artwork as well as apparel designs. So, we wanted to create a design that was extremely unique, yet captured the essence of what is loved about fishing for the largemouth bass.

“Fluid” movement

The predatory nature of the largemouth is something we wanted to capture, but it seemed to us that it had been done hundreds of times in similar ways. So, how could we do it differently. At N1 Outdoors®, we like to ask questions that start with, “What if we…” So we asked, “What if we made the fish from water?” That began the journey of figuring out how to keep the unmistakable image of a bass but adding the water effect. 


One of our other shirt designs – the Trifecta Fish Arrow tee – was inspirational in naming the Hydroglyphic Bass design. The Trifecta design was inspired by the Cherokee Indian heritage of one of our co-founders. That design was similar to early pictographs, or heiroglyphs made by early Native American tribes. We began to refer to our “water” fish as a “Hydroglyph.” We had created a “hydroglyphic” bass! The rest, as they say, is history.

We hope you enjoy our creative salute to this powerful creature of the water. Oh, and we hope you Put A Hook N1!

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