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These are Super Slick! [Slick Trick Broadheads Review]

In this review, I test a classic… It’s a broadhead that hunted with many years ago, many, many times. I’ve taken quite a few animals with it.

But, I realized I had never done an official test on it, and that is the Slick Trick Standard.

So, let’s dig on into it and I’ll show you all the features and then we’ll test it!

Slick Trick Standard 125-grain Broadhead

Let’s take an up close look at the Slick Trick Standard 125 grain head…

slick trick standard profile

slick trick standard short profile

slick trick standard blade sharpness

Man, the Slick Trick Standard 125-grain head is just a no-nonsense design. Typically, these fly very well, penetrate very well, and hold up really well in durability. But I was eager to put this to the test and see how it performed…

Slick Trick 125 Flight Test

In this test I shot 1 field point and one broadhead from 30 yards, using a Killer Instinct SWAT X1 Crossbow and 375 gr Bishop Bolt at 300 fps):  

slick trick standard flight test field point
slick trick standard flight test broadhead

Initial Sharpness Test

In this sharpness test, I check to see how many grams of force it takes to cut a copolymer wire.

slick trick standard sharpness test 1

Penetration Test 1 – (2/3″ rubber foam mat, 1/2″ MDF, FBI Gel):   

slick trick standard ballistic gel mdf test

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Edge Test 2, Edge Retention (sharpness after Penetration Test 1):

slick trick standard sharpness test 2

Penetration Test 2, (layered cardboard):

slick trick standard layered cardboard test

Durability Test 1, (3 shots 1/2″ MDF):

slick trick standard 3 shots into mdf

Durability Test 2 – (2 shots 22 gauge steel plate):

slick trick standard after steel plate test

Durability Test 3 – (1 shot into cinder block):

slick trick standard after concrete block test

Final Thoughts on Slick Trick 125 grain Broadhead

So, what do you think of the Slick Trick 125-grain broadheads?

Man, these are awesome heads!

slick trick standard lusk scorecard

I mean, no wonder I used it for so many years out in the field. It just performed extremely well in every area and it got one of the highest scores of any head I’ve tested, and close to the the highest of any fixed blade head. Really, really impressive!

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