Hunting Problems [The Rumble Hunt!]

That sausage biscuit was a great idea earlier this morning… until you got up in your deer stand!

Let’s be honest, we’ve all been there. And, there’s nothing that can ruin a hunt faster… than the “rumble!”

But don’t take the rumble sitting down!

Introducing, the Rumble Hunt Master Class!

Hunting Problem Solved! – The Rumble Hunt Master Class

In the Rumble Hunt Master Class, you’ll learn specific exercises that will help you tame that tummy, and keep you in the deer stand longer.

You’ll also learn tips and tricks like, “The Shuffle, and “The Squeeze,” to help you keep that belly at bay, so you can still get that shot when Mr. Big walks by.

The Rumble Hunt Master Class will also teach you emergency techniques to help you take care of business when there’s just no other way.

So don’t let the Rumble ruin your hunt!

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N1 Outdoors bowhunting commercial

What If Bowhunting TV Commercials Were Like Drug Company Commercials?

Ever wondered what it would be like if bowhunting TV commercials were like… drug company commercials?

We know it might sound crazy, but we decided to have a little fun and shoot a commercial with that in mind!

We hope you’ll enjoy this funny bowhunting commercial for the N-Tune™ Nock Tuning Arrow Wraps and Tracers!

Funny N1 Outdoors® Bowhunting Commercial

Funny N1 Outdoors® Bowhunting Commercial for N-Tune Arrow Wraps and Tracers

Bowhunting Commercial Script

Bowhunters, do you suffer from inconsistent arrow flight from an otherwise perfectly tuned bow?

Do you have a fear of nock tuning your arrows because it seems “too tedious?”

Ask your arrows if N-Tune™ Nock Tuning Wraps and Tracers are right for you.

Side effects of using N-Tune™ Wraps and Tracers may include, hitting where you’re aiming, a more precise nock tuning experience, and straightening of arrow flight, resulting in more consistent groups.

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N-Tune™ Wraps and Tracers are also reflective, so you can find your arrow much easier in dark conditions.

You may experience strong feelings of overwhelming joy and uncontrollable fist pumps while nock tuning with N-Tune™ Wraps and Tracers.

You should stop using N-Tune™ Wraps and Tracers if you notice the urge to go back to being less accurate, less lethal, and having less meat in the freezer.

Talk to your arrows about whether N-Tune™ Wraps and Tracers are right for you.

N-Tune™ Nock Tuning Arrow Wraps and Tracers… Get N-Tune™!

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Be safe and happy hunting!