10 minute tom turkey pic

The 10-minute Tom turkey hunt

10-Minute Tom Turkey Hunt

This morning we slept through our alarms, so we got a late start. Little did I know this would become my 10-minute tom turkey hunt

We had almost decided not to go out, but after driving around the block, we spotted a tom out in the field behind one of our spots and decided to go for it.

We hurried out and got to a point in our woods where we knew we could cut him off. We set up our decoys up and tucked ourselves in the brush about 20 yards from them.

The call, the answer and the kill… all N 10 minutes

I yelped with my call and he hammered back. I yelped again and no noise… but then, less than 2 minutes later, he came up over the hill and was locked in on our jake decoy.

He never even saw me and I dumped him at about 15 yards! We couldn’t believe it all unfolded so perfectly in only 10 minutes!

It was my first time calling on my own so I felt extremely proud of myself. All the work I put in over the years learning from Greg and our hunting buddies has finally started to pay off.


– By Brooke Saunders

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