a friends first turkey

A friend’s first turkey

It began with a slow morning for the both of us. So, my friend Shane and I, decided to meet up around 9.

He he had never killed a longbeard before, so I was more than happy to try to get him one.

Roadside strutter

We were driving to another spot on state game lands when I saw a strutted tom on the side of the road. I got really excited because, on the side of the road he was on, I knew there was a field behind the wood line. And, if we could beat him to it, we would get him.

So, I hurried up and got to the end of the dirt road and threw the truck in park. We grabbed our camo and turkey hunting gear and started running towards the field.

The setup

We got setup in the perfect spot. Winded and breathing heavily, I set my hen decoy about 20 yards from the wood line where there was a trail coming out so the Tom could see it plain as day.

I got Shane set up in front of me and I started to give a couple soft purrs and clucks. The gobbler stayed quiet, and I was worried he had seen us and run off.

… and then a turkey scratching

We sat tight for a while and I would call every 4-5 minutes. After about 20 minutes of this, I could finally hear a turkey scratching in the leaves. I could see Shane getting anxious and start shaking a little.

Then we saw him… a big ‘ol red head coming down the trail. The Tom came right into the field where he was supposed to. Shane got him at 25 yards. He couldn’t have been more excited! I was happy to be a part of a a friend’s first turkey… a memory that I’ll never forget!

– By Derek Faith

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