N1 Outdoors Unveils New Shirt Design At Buckarama

N1 Outdoors® announces an exciting new shirt design from an incredibly talented wildlife artist. This shirt will be unveiled at Buckarama, in Perry Georgia.

(Ntruder Buck from Daniel Cliburn at Buckarama video transcript)

New Shirt Release For Buckarama

Hey everyone, as most of you know, at N1 Outdoors, we enjoy creating great content for those of you in the hunting and fishing community. Whether that be through our blog, or through videos that we’ve created, all of which are available to view on our website, N1outdoors.com.

But we are an apparel company, and today we’ve got some really exciting news we want to share with you. N1 Outdoors has partnered with wildlife artist, Daniel Cliburn. Now, some of you may be familiar with Daniel through some products that are for sale in Bass Pro Shops. But, we’re super excited to be partnered with him.intruder buck tee

He has created an original painting for deer season 2018, just for N1 Outdoors. We’ve taken this painting and turned it into a limited edition tshirt. Now, this t-shirt will be for sale for the first time this week, and possibly the only week at Buckarama, in Perry, Georgia, August 17, 18 and 19.

Visit N1 Outdoors At Buckarama

We’d love for you to come by and visit. The original painting will be on display. Daniel will be there himself, you can meet him. But, if you like this t-shirt, you need to come visit us at the Buckarama at the N1 Outdoors booth. If you don’t have a chance to come by, you’re in other parts of the company and can’t make it, you can contact us through our profile, or you can also send us a message through our website and we’ll get you some information on how you can reserve a t-shirt for yourself. We’d love to see you this week at Buckarama, in Perry, Georgia.

We hope you have a great week and remember… where the moments happen, we’ll meet you there. We’ll see you next time. 

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N1 Outdoors in 60 seconds!

From fishing to hunting to noodling… If we could sum up everything we love about the outdoors in a 60-second video, it would look something like this… 

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Striper fishing + Hybrid + Catfish Noodling… All N1

Join N1 Outdoors on Clarks Hill lake (a.k.a. – Strom Thurmond lake) on a striped bass fishing trip that turns into a striper and hybrid bass limit! And, as a bonus, get to see the result of N1 Outdoors co-founder, Giles Canter’s first ever catfish noodling experience!

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(Striper fishing + hybrid + catfish noodling… All N1 video transcript)

Giles Canter: We’re out here on Clarks Hill Lake, in Georgia. I’m out here with my friend, Luke-Avery Urban to do a little striper fishing today, and try to put a hook N1.

Luke-Avery Urban: So, what we’re doing right now is we’ve just pulled up to this cove and we’re looking for the stripers off these main channel humps. So, we’re really just going in and out of these humps in about 55 to 60 feet of water, down to about 30 feet of water. And, we’re just looking for schools of bait. And, we’re looking for striped bass that will be chasing these bait.

Once we see a good school, we’ll throw the marker out, drop some herring, and try to try to put a hook N1.

I’m just running a Carolina rig here. This one’s a little lighter. I’ve got about a one ounce sinker and I run a palomar knot with a Gamakatsu octopus hook. We’re going to put it right through the front of the eyeball, right through the nostril, the hard part there, so he can still breathe.

And when we put this in, it’s always important to just let the bait just set in the water. Just set it in the water. You don’t want to throw it, because they’re fragile. We’re going to put it down about 25 to 30 feet and try to catch these suspended stripers.

That is a Clarks Hill hybrid. A beautiful Fish! See what we’ve got this octopus hook right there in the top of the mouth, right where you want it. We’ve got a palomar knot on there. It’s a great live bait knot, and it’s strong. And, these Gamakatsu octopus hooks.

Giles: It’s always fun when you put a hook N1.

Luke-Avery: That’s a hybrid. That’s a nice little hybrid. A good eating size hybrid. It’s good to keep this size here, because it’s a lot more sustainable for lake.

Oh yeah, that’s mine. I got that.

Striped bass and hybrid “hot action”

Luke-Avery: Oh yeah, that’s a nice one.

I’ve got one right here.

Giles: I know I looked behind me…

Luke-Avery: I’ve got this on record too.

Giles: This folks, is real life fishing, no editing.

Luke-Avery: Oh, Giles, the one in the back is going down. Have you got him?

That’s what you call some hot action. Oh my goodness, this one is going down too!

We’re about to have a quad. We’re going to have a quad.

Giles: Luke-Avery Urban, put a hook N1.

Luke-Avery: Catching some hybrid and striped bass on Beautiful Clarks Hill Lake. We’re doing pretty good.

Alright, there we go! Got it! That is a nice hybrid.

Giles: There it is.

Luke-Avery: And this my friends makes a limit out. Twenty fish on Clarks Hill Lake.

So, we’re out here at this boat ramp. We’ve just gotten our limit of hybrids and stripers and now we’re going to try for some noodling. Going to try to get a flathead.nude one, try to get a flathead. We’re going to try to get Giles on his first one. Gonna try to get his hand N1. But, it’s the first time of the year, I think its what, June second or third? This is our first noodling trip of the year. So, this is the ramp where I caught my first catfish noodling. We’re going to try and repeat some history.

Giles Canter: Let’s go put a hand N1.

Here on Clarks Hill. My first noodling trip… I put a hand N1. Thank you Luke-Avery Urban; Great Day on the lake. Caught some hybrid and a couple striped bass and finished the day off with a flathead.

striped bass fishing N1 hat