east tennessee fly fishing pic

East Tennessee Fly Fishing Surprise

The following is how my wife turned her pick-pocket skills into an East Tennessee fly fishing surprise and an N1 Moment for me.

Fly Fishing experience?

I had dabbled in fly fishing while in college, but I hadn’t done it in years and would still be considered very much a rookie fly fisherman.

Then, in 2013, while on a family vacation to Sevierville, Tennessee, my wife surprised me with a guided fly fishing trip. She had arranged for me to go on an all-day, smallmouth bass fishing float with Frontier Anglers TN.

Smallmouth bass fishing is fun. They are very aggressive fish and are a blast to catch. But, when you put a hook N1 with a fly rod, the experience goes to another level.

Frontier Anglers TN owner, Josh Pfeiffer, was my guide on this extremely hot July day. But, although the weather was sweltering hot, the fishing was hot as well.

Unfortunately, in addition to hooking several nice smallmouth, I also hooked Josh’s hat 3 consecutive casts (I told you I was a fly fishing rookie, remember?) Thank goodness for patient fishing guides.

I tucked that trip away in the unforgettable outdoor moments files, but didn’t fish the area again… until 2018. And, this trip was as much of a surprise as the last one!

East Tennessee Fly Fishing Surprise

It was Father’s Day, 2018. My wife and two daughters gave me a few gifts like they do every year. The last gift was an envelope. I opened it up, and inside was a gift certificate for… you guessed it, a fly fishing trip with Josh Pfeiffer. And while I was certainly excited about getting to go fly fishing again with Josh, there was more to the story…

About a month prior to receiving this gift, I thought it would be great to contact Josh and see if we could set up a time to do a little fly fishing and film some instructional fishing videos. Even after 5 years, I still had his business card in my wallet. So, I emailed him to see what he thought of my idea. He emailed me back and said he might be interested in working something out. But, I got sidetracked and never closed the deal.

My pick-pocket wife

My wife, who had no idea I had been communicating with Josh, thought that sending me fishing for the weekend would be a great Father’s Day idea. But, she couldn’t remember anything about who had taken me five years earlier. So what did she do? She went through my wallet, of course!

She found Josh’s business card and called him to book the trip. I later asked Josh if he thought it was strange that both my wife and myself were separately contacting him. He said he wasn’t really sure what to think, so he didn’t say anything to my wife. Smart man.

Fly Fishing with an old friend

So, a few weeks later, I was back on the water with Josh, five years removed from my last fly fishing trip with him. On this second trip, we fished for trout. And just like the previous trip, Josh’s knowledge of East Tennessee fly fishing didn’t disappoint. Over a two day span, I caught close to 30 rainbow trout. And while I love to put a hook N1, that was only part of what made the trip so special.

I wanted to go fly fishing again with Josh. My wife wanted me to go fly fishing with Josh. But, neither of us knew what the other was thinking. What resulted was a great surprise, a few laughs, and some great fishing.

I thought to myself, you know, this is what we always say at N1 Outdoors. It’s not the size of the fish or the wild game. It’s the unforgettable moments and memories that are made outdoors with friends and family. That’s what we love to celebrate. This trip was no different.

I’ll do some East Tennessee fly fishing again… and this time it will be a lot sooner than five years!

-By Giles Canter

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bear hunting 3 men

A Bear hunt 15 years in the making

“I need a copy of your driver’s license and a check…” This was what I heard from the other end of the line when my Great Uncle Dave called me about going bear hunting.

That was the moment I knew that there was no backing out. I was heading to Canada on my first ever bear hunt.

Bear hunting time!

Six months later, the pickup was packed up, as my two uncles and myself set off on our 1,200-mile trip to our hunting destination: La Ronge, Saskatchewan.

Little did I know how much this hunt would mean to my Great Uncle Dave and me until we sat down in camp talking about old hunting stories.

The Background

Rewind to 2003… I was just 13 years old when I drew my first big game tag in Colorado. It was a Pronghorn tag in the unit of our family ranch.

My hunting guide that time was my Great Uncle Dave. We drove all over that that day and, to make a long story short, I harvested my first big game animal with my great uncle by my side.

Another unforgettable outdoor moment

Fast forward now 15 years to June 16, 2018. My uncle and I are at bear camp. The two of us went to different stands on this day.

Our outfitter was joking around and told Uncle Dave he would be done by 6 o’clock with a bear. He gave me a fist bump and said, “Tonight is your night.”

Well our outfitter was right. Uncle Dave was done hunting at 5:45 pm and I harvested my first bear at 6:30 pm.

This was certainly one unforgettable trip and story for me. Fifteen years ago my Great Uncle Dave took me on my first big game hunt and then we both filled our bear tags on the same night just 45 minutes apart.

Some things Hollywood can’t even script.

-By Cole Honstead

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big drum fish moment pic

A big drum fish moment

We went drum fishing for Memorial Day weekend out of Cape May, New Jersey. It was calm & beautiful out that day… until it wasn’t. But, catching this drum fish was a moment I’ll never forget!

About two hours into the trip, the rain, thunder and lightning hit. The boat was rocking and we were soaked!

The drum fish moment

But, as soon as the rain hit, so did the drum! We put a hook N1 and then, soon after that, I had a tap on the rod and I was on another big drum! It took me about 15-20 minutes to reel him in. He surfaced, and then took off again!

Even thought we were battling the rain and the rocking boat, we were still able to catch 3 nice drum fish! It was definitely an N1 moment!

– By Justine Mattia

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